The Lost Bear PSVR Review

Here is an in depth video review of The Lost Bear for the Playstation VR. It’s a 2d side scrolling platformer, similar to games like Limbo. You play the game on a 2d screen, whilst sitting in a theatre. It’s not just in 2d as you have to be aware of your surroundings to solve puzzles. It’s really unique, has some amazing artwork and the music is brilliant.

The game releases on the 5th of September. Will you be getting a ticket for this theatre?


Hi @psvrworld, I watched your review. I agree that the game is really unique and one of its kind. I can’t remember any other game that was so innovative. in its approach to VR. It’s kind of a risk in a way because it doesn’t follow any common VR game design concepts and mechanics. In a way, it’s really nice being able to sit comfortably on a chair in a completely different virtual environment and play a game from that perspective. The thing that seems to be lacking is the ability to interact with the environment with your own (virtual) hands. I think the best immersion lies within that interaction.

Sometimes I’m asking myself whether developers just trying to come with something that will get lots of headlines or really focusing on delivering the best VR experiences. I mean, I personally prefer playing platformers like Lucky’s Tale but I do agree that a platformer is a safe choice as many people are familiar with it and love it.

I totally agree about the art style of the game, it really traps you in with its atmospheric setting. The sound in this game is not less important than the visuals, especially in a game like The Lost Bear where the visuals play a significant part, good sound is essential to keep the player immersed. It’s like watching an interactive movie, and without a sound, it won’t be the same moody experience.

You know, the good thing about VR is because there is a relatively limited amount of games for psvr and because it’s a new medium, players are buying and assaying different types of games. Some games that they otherwise wouldn’t even think about buying.

Let’s say it like that if I was a PS VR gamer and even if I am not into this type of game, I would probably still give it a shot.

Kodus for the excellent review. You are really a 24/7 game review manufacturer :slight_smile:

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He certainly is but he still maintains the quality high, which is very important. Thanks for the excellent in-depth review.

It sounds that they really make 2D work well in vr, I didn’t expect that. Hope it sells well, we need more innovation like this in vr. This what makes vr so unique. I had enough playing rpg and fps games on the PS4 because all feel like the same games just with different themes. When I bought my vr headset, it was the first time after like 5 years that I start really enjoying games all over again.

Hey, yeah i agree that the use of your hands would have been more immersive, i do wonder if some people still don’t have move controllers though and because their a very small developer, they was trying to reach a larger audience, this is just speculation though.

The art style and music are simply the best bit about it. The setting really is unique and is something ive never experienced before.

Yeah, the added effect of feeling like your there is drawing new players in. I personally am not too keen on the tower defence games, but loved ancient amuletor, to me it felt like a more in depth shooting gallery.

Thanks, my sleeping pattern is all over the place because of when review embargoes lift lol

Thanks. I’m really starting to get into a rhythm now and know exactly how long everything is going to take. I honestly do my best to take my time on all segments of the videos, even though quite often, i am working against the clock!

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Yeah, as well as old genres we will see new ideas start to pop up that are only doable with the use of VR. It really is an exciting time for new types of games.

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Luckily for you you are not reviewing HTC Vive games, because if you did, you would need to employ like 2 or more people to help you out, and even then, you probably be focusing on the most popular and original titles. It’s all about optimizing your time and putting effort in areas where you can provide users with the best content and gain revenue to support your growing business. You chose wisely to go with PSVR, as there aren’t many PSVR-only channels/websites so you are in a good position. It’s also smart to choose a specific category to focus on (in this case PlayStation VR) because the revenue from advertising is higher because advertising can focus on that specific market segment compared to a website that covers broader subjects. Furthermore, you can gain popularity faster because people will prefer to subscribe to a channel that focuses on a specific subject that they are interested in.

It’s great to see a fellow VR enthusiast and a gamer going with its passion. I love your reviews and eagerly waiting for the next one every time.

I am a proud owner of the HTC Vive. I bought the Vive because I wanted to try something else for a change; oh boy I’m so happy that I’ve made that decision. Innovation is the name of the game here and The Lost Bear is just one example of what VR can do that no other platform can. Just look at how VR cleared the path for so many creative game ideas, ones that nobody has thought about before this technology became available for the consumer’s market.

Going to play with some friends, see you guys later :heart_eyes_cat:

Yeah, i couldn’t afford a pc vr set up so was very excited to see the Playstation VR get announced. There is more and more titles releasing for the Playstation VR, but recently i have been able to keep up. I’m not earning anything at the moment and am atcually paying to support this because of my website. I obviously do hope that one day i am able to make a little from it though, it would be a dream come true :slight_smile:

The next review coming is Don’t Knock Twice, a new haunted house horror game. I’m just waiting for the review embargo to lift tomorrow :slight_smile:

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Cool, i’ve never even tried the HTC Vive, but i hear a lot of good things about it, simply cant afford a pc vr set up.

Have fun!

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Of course you will, it will come very soon, I am in that business so I have a bit of experience. Continue what you are doing and you’ll earn well in a short time. I am spreading the word about your channel and website :slight_smile:

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Thanks, i really appreciate it :slight_smile: I’m finding it quite hard to find places online to show my channel and website.