The Best virtual reality game you played so far

I am a proud owner of the Oculus Rift and I’m quite picky of what I play. I usually prefer playing first-person shooters and MMO games, but when VR came out, things shifted quite a bit. Suddenly I play games that I never believed I would play in my life.

My most favorite VR game is Chronos,a third-person fantasy action RPG adventure game. This game just blew me away when I first played it. It took me a day and a half to finish it, but the whole experience was so marvelous that after finishing it, I really felt that I want more of it. The leveling mechanics, the story, the coherent gorgeous environment and the immersion, everything was architected so flawlessly.

I like RPG games, but I was more into multiplayer games. My friend recommended me to get the game, so I bought it. Once I tried Chronos, I fell in love with RPG game and although I was a bit skeptic that the third-person will actually work well on VR, I found out that it works beautifully. You actually use the headset to control the camera.

The game is challenging and captivating, and I always enjoyed the sense of scale that is only possible when you play a game in VR.

This is the best VR game that I played so far. I play to buy more in the upcoming weeks and share my opinion about them.

Which VR game you like best?

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Rigs: Mechanized Combat League, not released yet, but I play it at PSX 2015 on the PlayStation VR, best game I’ve ever played, better than all the ones that I tried so far on Rift and Vive. Not that there are any good games, but I love competitive multiplayer games, and Rigs is the best it gets on VR. I have a long list, but you asked for one… so there you have it.

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Eve: Valkyrie hands down. If I eventually buy the PlayStation VR, I’ll definitely going to buy this game day one. I got to play it on the Rift, top-notch multiplayer game!

In my opinion Hover Junkers is one of the best room-scale VR games out there and my personal favorite. A superb competitive multiplayer first-person shooter (Dead & Buried is also great, second to Hover Junkers imho).

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Arizona Sunshine, The Climb So far!

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