Tengutana - New VR puzzle game (testers needed)

Hi guys,

my new game will be available soon, and I am searching for some testers.
If you have Vive or Oculus, message me and you will get the game for free for testing.
(the amount of testers is very limited) . I will edit the post once there are enough of testers.

It will be a VR puzzle game, supporting Vive & Oculus at first.
The player needs to have a sharp eye and good aim as he will have to swing with katana and throw shurikens to solve the tasks at hand.

The goal is to gather souls of fallen warriors and those will grant more power to the legendary Tengu sword.
Fully charged Tengutana will be used with his full power to defeat the final game obstacle.

The game contains 50 levels to beat, bonus rounds and boss fights.
In following months, free DLC is planned with additional levels to beat.


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