Tattoo Simulator in VR for Oculus Quest

Today I tried a fantastic demo game for Oculus Quest called Master of the Tattooverse. It’s a tattoo simulation game for virtual reality. It turned out to be so hilarious.

Again, it’s still a demo but it’s so entertaining, especially if you are lacking the profession and the talent to create a beautiful tattoo.

Basically, in the demo, you need to tattoo a girl. She asks you for a tattoo of a cat’s pow. I just couldn’t start laughing because I knew ahead of time that she did a big mistake coming to me.

She put my trust in me to make her a gorgeous tattoo, but I have zero experience, not the artistic skills to create something like that, not in a million years :laughing:

I really liked the girl’s interaction, it’s super important for this type of experience to create funny and entertaining human interactions. This what made the game so fun to play.

I hope in the full game we’ll have more types of characters with their own persona and unique interactions that will surprise us and make it a hilarious simulator game to play.

You can download Master of the Tattooverse from SideQuest, free. The developer still adding more content to the demo, so it’s worth watching this VR game as it evolves.

Developed by ROG Studios

Great work devs!