Tango vs Daydream (AR vs VR) - which one you prefer for mobile?

Hi guys, I really like the whole VR and AR industry. A few days ago I’ve decided to buy a Google Daydream phone and I’ll probably going to buy one next week, probably the Pixel XL, but I’m not so sure. In this post I want to hear what you guys think about these two Google technologies: Tango, which is an augmented reality technology that currently only available for Lenovo Phab 2 smartphone, and Daydream, Google’s mobile virtual reality platform.

These two technologies were designed to push VR and AR on mobile phones. Each one has its pros and cons and both are brand new technologies that there adoption among Android phone users is yet to be determined.

I’m interested to hear which you prefer any why?


These are two completely different technologies and I really like them both, each one has its own benefits. Right now I am more into VR because I bought the PlayStation VR headset and I really enjoy it. This is why I prefer the Google Tango augmented reality one, because I can enjoy both technologies.

As for now, only the Lenovo Phab 2 Pro phone supports it, so it’s quite limited, and there aren’t many apps for it. It need some time to flourish, but I believe that in 2017 you’ll see hundreds of games for in the Android app store, I mean Google Play.

I think that for mobile, augmented reality is the better technology of the two. I believe that in time, both Tango and Daydream will reside on the same device, so you can enjoy both rather than make a decision and buy a device based on its supported technology and choose between the two.

On the other hand, Daydream has much wider support and many respectable game studios are developing games for it. Google partnered with some game developers to make some games to be available at launch, so people who buy the Phab 2 Pro will have something to play - but this is not enough. You’ll finish playing those games in a few days and then what. Tango needs to attract a lot of developers very quickly in order for people to be convinced that it’s worth buying a dedicated phone for. Furthermore, one phone is not enough. People won’t buy the phone only because it supports Tango, Ok, some will, but in order to reach the mass market,you need much more than a single device.

I think that people who don’t have any VR headset should buy a Daydream phone and enjoy its new titles. Augmented Reality needs more time, so there is no rush. When more phones and new titles come out, then more people will be convinced to upgrade their phone and get a Tang-enabled one, until then Daydream is my platform of choice and my recommendation for new comvers.

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For me a VR headset for mobile is a deal breaker. I know, you can’t play VR game without it, but it’s a mobile device, I won’t take it with me outside. I’m sure many will have no problem with that, and for many people this is a cheaper alternative to PSVR, Vive and Rift.

Tango is a completely different beast. It’s still in its early state and there are still many improvements that need to be done to make this technology better for games, but it’s really a game changer. You just need to try it yourself and see how amazing is it, seeing characters interacting with your objects in YOUR room - trust me, you’ll be amazed by this technology.

As you mentioned @SpookyFairy, there is no need for a headset for AR, but even so, some AR game won’t be comfortable to play, like in a bus for example, compared to regular games, because of the way they are designed to be played. It’s probably will be more fun to play them when you are relaxed at your home.

That being said, I’m sure developers will come up with some amazing ideas, and I’m telling you that multiplayer games are going to be the best ones in augmented reality, just watch and see.

AR games can also be more social, because you can play them with other people in the same area and those that are physically right next to you. Just imagine playing a multiplayer game with other people sitting right next to you in the bus - just that thought, so cool.

As you can see, I’m hyped for AR and I’m sure that in time it will become hugely popular and of course more affordable, once Tango becomes a standard function for many Android smartphones.

Ok, my brother calls me to play Overwatch with him, see you guys later.

comparing them is like comparing apples and oranges. As mentioned here, this technology is very young, much less mature than virtual reality, at least as far the gaming industry is concerned. I’ve watch a Google lecture video, and even its main developers mentioned that there are many things they work to improve, like when the characters is behind a physical objects that wasn’t mapped from all sides. The object will appear at the front, unless it is scanned by the camera and then can be shown as semi-transparent.

AR technology will also be used not just for games, while VR is mainly used for games. Just take a look at iStaging for Tango and you’ll see what I mean.


AR can really help in day-to-day tasks and help organizing things and make buying things from the Internet, like furniture, much more convenient. I think this sill spouse and motivate many developers to think of developing unique and creative apps. My friend, he is a game developer, but he told me that he has some great ideas for Tango, which aren’t games.

I think that for developers it’s also more fun and more convenient to debug the apps, you don’t need a headset for it. I think that we’ll see much more unique games for Tango than for VR because it forces people to innovate. You can’t just create a shooter or RPG, you need to take user of the unique meshing environment to create your game, and this opens up a whole new world of creative ideas. We already see some on Google Play.

You can clearly see that I love Google Tango, but it’s way to early to worth buying a dedicated Android device the Phab 2 Pro) for just these few apps. So I agree with all said here, but at the same breath, it’s great trying out a fresh new technology, that’s why when there are more games, I’ll probably going to buy either the Phab 2 Pro or another Tango supported device.

Oh, I forget to mention about educational apps. just imagine walking out in an unfamiliar street on your vacation and getting on-screen contextual information about interesting places and buildings in the area you are visiting? You won’t be doing it in VR, only in Augmented Reality and I can’t remember where I read it, but there are already companies showcasing these capabilities.

Until you try it you actually won’t know how how good it is, this is why I really want to get my hands on the Phab 2 Pro.

Tango for me, want to try something new for a change.

Bummer, my brother can’t bring me the phone from the US. I was hopping to get it this year. Oh well, I guess I’ll need to wait a bit longer :frowning: