Superhot PSVR Review

Hey everyone.

Here is an in depth review of the recently released psvr game, Superhot VR. I hope this helps you in deciding whether or not to buy this game!


The artstyle is really amazing. It’s easy to tell what each color means (red enemy, black interaction). It’s great to hear that you had a great time playing in on the PSVR.

It is so simple to start playing in each new location because of the art style. It really was a good time and i’m certainly going to be trying to complete all the challenge modes.

Excellent review, B is so cute :slight_smile: Can you tell the difference in terms of gameplay mechanics between the PSVR and the Vive, which one feels more immersive and fun? THX

Thanks! Don’t boost his ego :stuck_out_tongue: Sorry i can’t compare the two, as i have never tried another vr headset.

@psvrworld I wonder how this game plays in non-VR. My brother is reconsidering buying the PSVR. I’ve shown him your reviews and he got hyped again :slight_smile: , but he’ll probably be waiting for the holiday sales. Would you mind telling me whether it’s worth buying those PS Move controllers? How accurate/responsive are they? If it’s like the Nintendo Wii controllers I will definitely not going to buy them, regardless how good the reviews are.

This superhot game doesn’t play in non vr. There is two superhots on the ps4. One titled superhot vr and the other is superhot and that is your traditional fps controls using a dualshock controller.

Glad he likes the reviews :slight_smile: I was the same when i first bought the vr, i didn’t get two move controllers, but my reason was that at launch not a whole lot of games supported them. You do really need move controllers nowadays though, as there are amazing experiences that require them. Don’t worry, they are a lot better than wii controllers lol You really do feel like they are your hands and they make vr a much more immersive experience overall. I hope this helps :slight_smile:


Yeah they are completely different games. Superhot VR has a different story and levels. Non VR Superhot has a different story and different levels. I didn’t say there wasn’t a superhot in non vr in my last post. I said they were two completely separate games :stuck_out_tongue:

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I need to improve my English reading :laughing:

We all make mistakes :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: