Superhot PSVR Preview

Hey, everyone.

Here is my preview for Superhot for the Playstation VR. I try to cover all the news that is currently available for it in one video. I Hope you enjoy and find it useful.

How many of you are thinking of picking it up on release date? I’m a bit worried that it’s going to be quite a short experience for the price. What do you guys think?

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One of my favorite VR games!! by the way, the sound is too loud in the video @psvrworld

Agree, it’s a fantastic game and they really nailed the mechanics just right, especially in VR. One of the most unique shooters out there which brings a breath of fresh air to the shooter genre. Thanks for sharing it, I’ve subscribed to your channel a few weeks ago… love your content… keep it coming!

It does look like a fun a game. Sorry about that! I’ll sort it out for next time :slight_smile:

The game mechanic certainly is unique. Hopefully the psvr version will have the controls perfect too! Thanks so much :slight_smile: ill try and keep the quality up lol