Super Saturday Slap Showdown - Development and Feedback

Super Saturday Slap Showdown


Game Information:
Super Saturday Slap Showdown is a single player slapping experience in a Japanese game show. Our hero, Terry Aki, must overcome his opponents in order to win the Golden Glove of Gidas!
Legend says that the golden glove would turn whatever it touches into gold. With it, Terry Aki would be able to break the horrible cycle of tax and poverty, and buy back his ancestral homeland for his clan, the Bichu-Onegai Clan.

Link To Game:Super Saturday Slap Showdown by TRY Studios
Release date: Nov. 17, 2017
Developer: TRY Studios
Engine: Unity Engine
Genre: Action
Platform: HTC Vive, VR
Price: $10 USD

Information on TRY Studios:
TRY Studios is a game studio founded by 3 junior game design students with different specializations and backgrounds. Together, they united and will debut their creation, “Super Saturday Slap Showdown”. We all hope to pursue our passion and launch into the game industry.

PS: This isn’t a "BUY OUR GAME!"post. This thread is mainly for feedback and comments. If you happen to want to support our game, that’s great! Funds from this game would go towards future projects, and with great popularity, grand updates as well.

Thank you and we will be in touch.
-TRY Studio