Star Coaster - an artistic Roller Coaster game for Gear VR

Star Coaster is a Samsung Gear VR roller coaster riding experience. Its developer has taken a different approach and designed the game with unique visuals. It uses white and single color background theme that changes over time. In the background, there is, what seems like a big whale floating in the air and many large dust particles all around you (which according to the game’s name, are actually stars).

This all makes a very atmospheric ride. There are no distractions in the background, the main emphasize is on the roller coaster rail which is colored all white with high contrast against the dark background.

Although I like this unique representation, I think that people might prefer giving a sense of height, and that something that doesn’t seem to be offered in this game.It looks like you have been taken to a roller coaster ride in space, and its name suggests that.

What do you guys think, do you like it?