Special Delivery PSVR Review

Read all about it! or in this case watch. Special delivery was recently released in the uk and i have made a review of my thoughts on it.


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What do you think of this paperboy game?

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You know, I played the game paperboy on the Commodore 64, it was one of my favorite games back then. I really liked the music in that game. Of course, that was back in the 80s and I was just a little kiddy. It’s nice to see some of the classic videogames getting their first VR appearance. This is an actually great game for VR, but as an adult, this type of game will probably be boring me really fast. I also didn’t know that it supports that PS gun controller, good to know. I would personally just enjoy a bike riding experience alongside stunning landscape views than just throwing newspapers into mailboxes in a blocky virtual environment, It seems that the review is longer than it takes to finish the game, nonetheless, great review.

@psvrworld did you play and reviewed Even Valkyrie or Eagle Flight, more interested in those games than this mediocre game. I am a big fan of multiplayer games. there are just of tons half-baked VR games on the market right now.

Honestly, because it’s VR doesn’t mean that I need to try out every game out there. the thing is that there aren’t too many games for PSVR right now, at least not compared to Vive and Rift on Steam.

I do agree with @OldButEvolved about the review itself, which is made very professionally and it’s fun to watch. You also have a calm and entertaining voice, I’m sure I’m not the first person to tell you that :slight_smile:

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Yeah i agree, kids would get a more enjoyable experience out of this game. The game isn’t really long and it does get repetitive quite quickly.I hope you didn’t find the review too long in general, my reviews are roughly around that length, as i like to go into detail about a game as much as possible to help people with their purchase, especially as most vr titles are downloads only and you can’t sell them on.

Thanks :slight_smile:

Unfortunately i haven’t played EVE Valkyrie, but i have played and reviewed Eagle Flight. Here is the link :slight_smile:


Thanks, really glad you think so, they take between 8 - 10 hours to make and this is without playing the game lol I get a mixed result when it comes to the voice overs, overall positive though. I hate listening to my first videos, they sound so bad lol I think i am improving though, thanks for the kind words!

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