Sparc PSVR Review

Hey everyone, here is an in depth look at Sparc, the recently release e sports game. It’s about time the PSVR got a game like this :slight_smile:

Let me know what you think of it :slight_smile:


Just finished watching it, great ind-depth review and I totally agree with you about the progression system, but disagree with the score (of course it’s your own opinion and I respect it), I’ll explain in a second why. The great thing about competitive games is the ability to show off your achievements. One of the best ways to do it without breaking the game because it’s supposed to be an eSport video game is offering cosmetic items.

So from what I understand, you need to hit the ball so it hits your opponent, but how does it work, do I get a goal after each time I hit him in a time-limit round?

I agree with you about the simplistic arena design, but they could have put out something more colorful and punchy - it’s an arcade-style game after all, not Bloodborne. So for me it looks kind of depressing, which wouldn’t make me want to stay in that virtual place for a long time… The spectator thing is an amazing feature and it’s so cool watching how people socially interact with each other in VR; It reminds me of the fun player interaction in Werewolves Within.

I also don’t get from the review whether I can play against an AI or just against real opponents.

Regarding gameplay, it does seem that it can get boring really fast because you can’t dodge (it’s not room-scale), can’t grab and throw the ball back and from what I’ve seen, there are no power-ups in the round at all. If I had to play a competitive game, I would look into Echo Arena (not available for PSVR though), which offers much more entertaining and complex team-based gameplay mechanics. I mean, how much time you can just throw balls at another player while standing still. It’s just better to play a good Table Tennis game like VR Ping Pong, where you can at least move around and “feel” the action.

This is my opinion, and I would probably rate it as 7. Again, thanks for the in-depth review!

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Finally! love the review @psvrworld but it left me with many questions. For example, are there any other different looking arenas, can you play with different size balls and different physics, like @melchaia asked, I’m interested to know if there are power-ups and stuff (from what I can see, no).

It reminds me of Arkanoid (in a way) and what I loved about that ball platforming game is the vast amount of power-ups you able to get that really takes the game to a completely new level of enjoyment. Just think how cool it would be when you have power-ups on the floor and the first player who hits them with the ball gets to use them for a limited time.

I think that they should have made the game more arcade-style with tons of cool things happening within it, like moving barriers, power-ups (e.g. slow-motion, 2x fast ball movement, splitting balls, etc, etc.).

By the way @melchaia you can dodge in Sprac.

From their website: “Throw, dodge, block and deflect in full body VR gameplay”. If I am not mistaken, it 's a PSVR exclusive game right, so what they’ve mention is available in-game, including the dodging mechanics.

When do you plan to Stream, I’ll join in a heartbeat.

I actually like the Tron-like stylized art choice, great for this type of futuristic-looking gameplay. I think the characters do look quite uninspiring, like a first-year 3D art student experimenting with basic human character design. There are no character classes, which would be nice, it works great with 1-vs-1 competitive games. I’ve heard that CCP is aiming this game for virtual Reality eSports, which explains why it lacks all those features that you’ve guy mentioned. Just look at Overwatch, because of its competitive oriented game design, it lacks lots of depth, but at least they have a wide variety of characters to play, each one with its own unique abilities.

Speaking of competitive VR sport games, I don’t see this game striving because it just looks really monotonous to watch. Do you enjoy seeing two guys playing a ping pong game, if you do, you might enjoy it, but I don’t, and it’s more of the same, maybe even less interesting.

My question to you @psvrworld is do you know if you can spin the ball by hitting it in the right angle, something I am interested to know, or it’s just hitting the ball straight?


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First of all, thanks for sharing this superb video review. I just want to add to the discussion and I don’t think the review mentioned this, but I’ve heard that timing is very important in this game and if you don’t reflect the ball with the shield at the right time it will hit your body. You probably can share more about that as you played the game, I haven’t. :slight_smile:

Looks like a shitty game to me. We are in 2017, I don’t know what CCP was thinking when they came up with this.

I don’t know if it’s a shitty game, you need to play it first. Maybe the reviewer @psvrworld didn’t play it a lot, but he did shed some light over its flaws. I think that this game would really benefit from a competitive mode, where you can climb up the ranking and compete against players at your own level. That is something that I think this game is truly lacking, unless I am missing something and it already has that mode (didn’t see it in the video).

passing this one… next.

That was the major let down for me, not having a progression system and like you said it’s odd it doesn’t have one considering it’s an e sport. If it did have one, honestly it would have received my first 10/10 lol You simply can’t get a competitive experience like this one at the moment on the psvr and the social side is great, as you can use voice and body movements to express things to one another.

Yeah, that is basically it. You get a point for each time you hit your opponent. Sorry if i was unclear about that. This is a multiplayer focused game, the challenge arenas are single player, but won’t give you much gameplay.

There isn’t any power ups. I do hope we see gameplay updates in the future though, something similar to how rocket league has been supported over the years would really give this game life for many months to come.

Glad you enjoyed the review overall!

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Sorry it left you with many questions. I do try and do the reviews quite in depth, but simply wouldn’t be able to cover every single feature in the game, it would be over an hour long :stuck_out_tongue: There isn’t no proper power ups or physics, however you can make your ball go faster if you only just miss your opponent with a ball and it hits the back wall, i suppose this is kind of like a power up.

I hope they do add updates over time to bring some of the things you have suggested, it would really help the games community.

Sorry if i didn’t make it clear enough in the review about dodging. I do think i mentioned it a couple of times, but thanks for the feedback, it helps me to see what people have missed and this will help me edit the videos more clear in the future!

I may be able to stream tonight, but i’m not 100% sure, i have another review to do today lol

That’s true, timing is a big part of the game when deflecting and also when to throw balls at your opponent. Timing it right, so that they have two balls coming towards them, obviously increases your chance of one of them making contact and also confuses them, especially if they are bouncing off the walls :stuck_out_tongue:

I did say about deflecting the balls with the shield, but this was obviously overlooked. Thanks for the feedback, it will help me make the videos more clear in the future!

That’s a shame. If you do ever get chance to give it a go, you should. You may be pleasantly surprised :slight_smile:

Don’t worry, i did play it a lot. I had a review copy, so i had the game early, my body also aches from the amount of time spent with it lol Your completely right, although it is a competitive game, some sort of statistics to show the best players needs to be added.

Saw your Sneaky Bears stream and loved it, as well as the game. That last boss fight though pretty hard. Can’t wait for your review.

I completed the boss first time after the live stream lol Was quite easy when i knew all of his attacks :stuck_out_tongue: The review is up on the channel now :slight_smile: