Soul Dimension PSVR Review

Hey, here is my review of Soul Dimension for the playstation vr.

Let me know what you think of it.


I really like the graphics in this game. Of course I expect those type of experiences to have good visuals because they don’t require top-notch frame rates and the gameplay pace it very slow. I was surprised to hear that it took you only 20 minutes to beat, but of course all depends on the price of course. I do expect this year to have much more lengthy games. I do like buying games that have a higher replay value, but I agree that those type of atmospheric VR experiences are very hard to pass, regardless of their short gameplay length. Great review as always, thanks for sharing.

I’ll be honest, i was surprised too when i went back over the recorded footage. I’m normally good at keeping track of time but in vr i lose that sense lol Yeah, in vr graphics really do matter more so than standard games and this game does excel with them. I just hope that they do release all the other chapters and it does’nt end up being like other vr episodic games we have got that only release one chapter. Thanks, glad you enjoyed it!

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Love your reviews, already subscribe to your YT channel. You know @psvrworld me and my friend were thinking about buying the PSVR headset but eventually we’ve decided to wait for the second iteration. I do feel that I am missing a lot. I’m on a tight budget and in my country, PSVR with the PS camera cost more than 600 Euros (that sucks I know). I am saving for the next headset, but I have a feeling that it will be announced with the PS5, not before. Do you think that I should wait or just buy this version once I can afford one? Cheers.

Thanks appreciate it! When buying a new console i always look at how much game time i will get from it. I always wait a bit with the nintendo consoles because it takes a while for loads of their exclusives to release. I think that the psvr is now at a stage where you are certainly going to get your moneys worth and i completely agree about the ps5, although i don’t think we will see psvr version 2 until a couple of years after the launch of ps5. I think ps5 will support the current headset and the new headset will just increase resolution and draw distance etc with games that support it, a bit like what ps4 pro does. I honestly think there would be no reason not get a psvr soon especially at this christmas time, we are seeing so many new titles pop up now and there a big releases like skyrim on the way, that will keep you busy for hours upon hours.

Hope this helps in some way :slight_smile:


HTC cut the price of their headset, I wonder what Sony plans for the PSVR? :blush:

I doubt anything just yet. Will probably see sales around christmas time, not too sure about a price drop already.