Sony will sell 6 million PSVR headsets in 2016

Just saw an article on that said that according to analysts, Sony will sell 6 million PlayStation VR headsets in 2016 alone. I personally don’t take those people too seriously, I remember their predictions about Windows Phone, and we already see where it is now.

Anyways, with close to 40 million PlayStation 4 sold since the launch in 2013, I have no doubt that the numbers will be very high, not sure about 6 million, though ,seems like an exaggeration.

To be honest, I start to become a bit nostalgic after watching this video that tells the history of the Xbox, but I’m not ditching my PS4, don’t worry about it guys :stuck_out_tongue:

The numbers will certainly be higher than the competition. That article mentioned 67% of the global VR HMD market, which on paper is very impressive. There are as you said around 40M PS4 users, and those consumers only have to buy the headset (or maybe a PlayStation camera if the don’t already have one) in order to play VR games. $399 is a great price for a headset, and way more affordable than what the competition has to offer. I am very positive that the PSVR will boost people’s interest in the console, those who weren’t interested in it in the first place. PS4 is a great gaming platform that now going to become an amazing and affordable VR platform as well.

I don’t really care about the numbers, I care about the games. I think with that in mind, PSVR has a large selection of games to play on day one, and people won’t need to wait a year to put their hands on some great VR titles. I remember right, there are more than 50 titles coming to PS VR at launch - that’s a huge number of titles for a new platform, I’m sure that most people won’t be able to afford to buy 10 games until the end of the year. It’s also great to have a large selection of game because you can choose to play the ones that best fit your play style, rather than settling for a game genre that you aren’t really eager to play.