Some of the most popular games in the UK are VR games

Take a look at this list on showing the top 40 entertainment software for the week ending on October 15th. You can see that many VR games appear in that list. We have PlayStation VR worlds in the seventh place, Skylanders Imginators (8), Until Daw: Rush of Blood (9), Rigs: Mechanized Combat League (12) and Even Valkyrie (20) among others.

This just tells us that the PSVR had a strong opening in the UK, and probably reflect the worldwide sales as well. Great to see PSVR being adapted buy the mass market , finally!


It isn’t unexpected considering a new hardware launch, but I agree that it shows us that PSVR is well adopted among PS4 gamers, which is a good sign. I’m actually looking forward for Sony releasing some actual numbers about the PSVR sales, that will be more interesting.

I think that those number do tell us about the headset’s popularity, at least in the UK. The headset came up after some many strong released and remember that that list is for all platforms, so PSVR shown a really strong presence. In that least you have Mafia III, FIFA 17 and the Xbox exclusive Gear of War 4, so I think it’s a good sign that PSVR is selling really well, don’t you think?