Sneaky Bears PSVR Review

Hey everyone, here is an in depth look at Sneaky Bears that recently released. It’s a shooting gallery with evil teddy bears that want to take over the world. Here are my thoughts on the game.

Do you like the looks of this game?


You know Bee, I mean @psvrworld :slight_smile: after seeing the gameplay, it just feels like all the other wave shooters. Yes, it has some cute enemies and the mode variants are nice additional, but still. I love the level design, and it really seems that the developer put a great deal of effort to make it stand out from the rest. Having said that, there aren’t many innovative gameplay mechanics that convince me getting the game. The thing is that the game sells for a very cheap price for Gear VR, but much more for PSVR and Oculus Rift ($19.99). I don’t know why the Rift version is so much more expensive compared to the Gear VR. It looks like a nice game but I wasn’t convinced to get it. There are better wave shooter for that price, just saying. Thanks for the review.

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I know what you mean, a lot of other people have the same views. I would say definitely keep an eye out for it in the sales. I actually did have more fun with it than other shooting galleries, such as vr invaders, It does become really fun during the last 7 levels because it becomes more of a challenge and you really have to be looking everywhere, whilst shooting your guns off screen. No problem, i hope the review helped you overall :slight_smile:

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Well, it will be because it belongs to the same genre obviously. I do agree that there should be more unique mechanics added to add a little sparkle of creativity and dynamics to the game. On the bright side, it does have an entertaining background narrative, cute characters, very nice level design, good visuals, fun and (sometimes) challenging gameplay, several game modes and even boss fights. @psvrworld reports good precise gun handling, which is also a plus. I also like the bullet drop off, which force you to perfect your aiming when shooting targets at long range, rather than just plain straight damage. The lighting is done really well as well.

Regarding the price, if it’s a straight port I don’t really get why there is a big different between the two, maybe because it’s expected for Gear VR titles to cost low compared to good polished titles for the Rift. Of course there are more Gear VR owners than Rift owners so the revenue potential there cannot be misused.

I think a rating of 7 quite fits the title in my opinion, at least based on what I’ve seen so far. I have to admit that I was expecting something a bit more flashy. I think that the teddy bear theme is a good choice to help it stand out from the rest a bit and also appeal to the younger audience.

@psvrworld touches all the right areas that are important for this type of game, like gun handling and fun factor, seated vs standing experience, game’s difficulty, pacing and physics, etc. I also like how synchronized the verbal review is with the gameplay footage, which let you understand the review in just one view.

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The thing is that for what it’s worth, it’s just too pricey. Just imagine paying £15 for a game that you can finish in less than two hours?! Of course, it depends on the game. I mean, I played The Last Of Us and I paid a full triple-A price for it, finished it in a day and a half, but hey, I enjoyed every second of it. The thing is that the VR market is more like a training grounds for many developers. They experiment with this relatively new technology. So it all comes to price and quality. If it was like £5, I would say go and get it, but not at its current price for PlayStation VR. I say to wait for a discount and then if you like the game, get it, no rush.

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@psvrworld how this game compared to other great shooting gallery VR games that you’ve played before?

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Thanks for your thoughts on the review. It really does give me an insight in how they are being perceived and ultimately helps me produce better ones in the future! One of the main reasons i started making PSVR reviews was because most games are digital only, so i’m sure people will want as much info on the game as possible, before spending their money and being stuck with the game. There is amazing video reviews on other channels on youtube, but i feel that they don’t give enough cuts during the gameplay footage, to show exactly what they are talking about, I’m glad you picked up on it because it really is time consuming going through hours of gameplay footage to find the right part i’m talking about :slight_smile:

It was actually more fun for me than a lot of the other ones. VR Invaders comes to mind instantly. The lack of replay ability and the price for the ammount of content, hurt my overall score quite a bit. For a shooting gallery, it should have replay ability and the lack of online leaderboards is just not acceptable. The controls are some of the most solid i’ve experienced in a shooting gallery.

I agree, i think the price will hurt the games launch and around £5 - £7 would be a more fair price for the content you are receiving.

You know @psvrworld, it really doesn’t take a lot from the developer side to add modes or features to improve the replay value of the game. You can add many things, like:

  • A global leaderboard
  • Endless waves survival mode
  • Option to unlock more weapons
  • Extreme difficulty after you finish the standard levels
  • Star completion rating based on the player’s performance

These are just few things that do not take a lot to implement but can really prolong the time the players spend in the game, as well as motivate them to come back for more. So from my understand based on your review, the game doesn’t have any of those, and I completely agree why its score was negatively effected by that. As always, excellent and most importantly (for me) entertaining review!

Great review. Price aside looks like a charming little shooting gallery game for PSVR. BTW You get those reviews out sooooo fast. I know that if I need to find a review of one of the recently released PSVR games, I just need to head to your YouTube channel and I’ll see it a day or two days after top :blush:

By the way, off topic, how long can you wear the PSVR headset in succession while playing?


Who is the developer of the game, any other great games in its portfolio?

The developer is WarDucks Virtual Reality Studio. According to their website, they plan to bring Sneaky Bears to all the popular VR platforms and headsets, including Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, Gear VR and Cardboard. They mentioned that the Gear VR and Cardboard are, and I quote: “The Lighter iteration of the game” (source) , which by the way might explain the lower price.

They also developed Sneaky Bears Roller Coaster for Gear VR and Google Cardboard and they have another title called Global Agents, a non-VR game for Facebook and iOS devices.

The company was founded by a former Facebook employee. Now listen to this, both their VR titles ranked 24th (Sneaky Bears) and 2nd (Sneaky Bears Rollercoaster) in the top grossing charts on this platform! (source). So definitely they are doing something right and it’s great to hear about a VR-focused studio that gains good revenue and continue to work hard to bring out more great VR games to the market.

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Thanks @SpookyFairy. You know, once I’ve read about the company and saw the people behind this title, I felt affinity toward the company and their effort and bringing this game out. Maybe it’s just me, but after learning more about this company, I feel like IF I liked the game, I would have paid the price to support the company behind it. I won’t be among those who get the game, but I;m certainly looking forward to Warducks’ next VR game!

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The price for developing a high-quality VR game is high. Of course, it would have helped selling it for a lower price, around £5 - £7 as you’ve mentioned but I think they had to push the PSVR price up because they can’t price the mobile version high because very few people will buy it. In addition, PS VR doesn’t have lots of games at the moment (at least not compared to Gear VR), so people will buy almost anything you throw at them, especially if it’s a shooter (this genre is very popular on the PS4). Just my thoughts about the game’s asking price for the PSVR…

You can feel that, but I agree with @psvrworld that there was no excuse for not implementing features to extend the replay value of the game with all the efforts put out for making this game. Developers should learn from that and improve on their next game.

Oh yeah defiantly. It wouldn’t take long at all to add some of them features. Thanks, glad it keeps you entertained, especially as they are quite long reviews!

Thanks! Yeah it really is charming. Ive been very fortunate to get review codes for the games. Unfortunately, a couple of codes were delayed by Sony, so i couldn’t get them out for release day, i have to wait for them too, as i really can’t afford to purchase every new game. I also have the 3d animated sketch made a few days before hand, so that im able to put my full attention on the review itself.

It all depends on the game, i was driving a car in driveclub for around 4 hours at one point lol

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What is 3D animated sketch, do you draw this by end or use 3D software?

3D software. Sketch can also mean this - a short humorous play or performance, consisting typically of one scene in a revue or comedy programme. :stuck_out_tongue: Basicly the intro and outro of every video review.

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