Skid: Road Rash inspired VR Bike racing simulator

We’re making a Road Rash Inspired Open world Vr bike sim, and modders already brought Gta San Andreas which runs natively on quest!
Immerse in the real bike experience in VR. Race and roam in the huge open world never before seen in VR. Evade police and crack some skulls in Rush Mode inspired from the OG ROAD RASH. Whether you like simulation or arcade we got it covered.
Experience the true to life bike sim in VR!
-Largest open world with baked ray tracing graphics running natively in quest 1 and 2.
-True to life vr control for bike with pro and auto mode
-Road Rash Inspired Rush mode- sium vai’s vid
-NFS style police chase
-Campaign with seasonal championship
-User generated mods imgur-gta sa
-In-game level editor
-Bikie gang wars inspired from gta online
Skid is born out of a dream to make vr remake of Road Rash. But as we started our development, we were frustrated by the lack of open world VR experience in PCVR and Oculus Quest 2 so we ultimately took the leap of faith.
Download demo
-Skid (Demo) on SideQuest - Oculus Quest Games & Apps including AppLab Games ( Oculus App Lab )

Skid is being entirely developed by one solo programmer and a level designer. Skid features the adrenaline-fueled police chase inspired by the NFS series and also features a cluster of semi-open world 5km square maps where players can free-roam with our AI traffic system. Additionally, players can take part in pop-up races in the VR world followed by occasional cops show-down. We have a robust multiplayer mode where players can participate in seasonal championships for trophies. Both standalone quest and PCVR versions have cross-plays and are almost identical in terms of maps and features. Both versions are still actively in development, and our storefront will be live soon for wishlisting in Steam, Quest and Viveport.
Game modes
We have 1,000 NPCs who have a list of tasks they do at certain times on certain days. Our maps are the largest one that any game has ever seen. Well, nice joke CD project. But joke aside, credit where credit is due, our main map is highly inspired from cyberpunk and has the neon aesthetics. And our level designer and lead developer is still suffering from PTSD while making this work on quest 2 and 1s mobile hardware. But all things considered the free-roam mode is actually quite enjoyable with our decent traffic AI and police patrol.
Rush mode-
This mode pays homage to the OG bike racing game “Road Rash”. We have countless childhood memories with it and in the most case it was “the game” that started our gaming journey. There was an insane rumor in our dev team that our CEO tried to make a deal with the devil himself ,ahem… EA, for using the aforementioned IP. We however, neither accept nor deny this rumor. However, one thing is for sure, when we have enough money we are buying that damn IP from the devil, ahem… EA.
Oh by the way, in this mode players can do race and knock down enemies with a chain, hammer and stick (bro, we get it, you from hood, but for real it’s just stick :shushing_face:)
Pro mode
We are working on 10 player multiplayer with cross-play functionality. Steam and quest players can compete in different maps dedicated for multiplayer. On the other hand players can take part in seasonal championship tournaments and get exclusive trophies and prizes.
Career mode
As boring as this sounds, this is the core mode of all decent racing games. So, we put an extra emphasis on the progression system. Seasonal champions along with daily challenges will be introduced. Players can unlock cosmetics and new bikes with the points and xp. There will be zero micro-transaction without the occasional champion pass. The Season pass revenue will be given back to the community by VSports tournament and Seasonal championship.