Should I get the PS4 Pro to go with the PSVR headset?

I have the PS4 console. I plan to buy the PlayStation VR when it’s released next month. I am also thinking of buying the PlayStation 4 Pro but I haven’t made up my mind yet. I think VR can really benefit from that extra computing power and I believe that many VR game developers will take advantage of that extra processing power to deliver games with better frame rate but also games that look better visually. Friends of mine told me to wait and see how many games support and patched for this new console, especially VR games, and then make up my mind - what do you guys think?

I think that the early PSVR games won’t patched for the new console. I think you better wait a bit before buying it. Remember, you can buy it any time you want, there is no rush. First wait and see what titles support it and then decide whether it’s worth the investment.

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