Should I buy Destiny 2 or not?

Hi guys, need your help. I’ve played Destiny 1 and I liked it a lot. I think I’ve played over 300 hours and I was so addicted to it. My worried is that Destiny 2 feels like a DLC and a completely new Destiny experience and I get bored with it very fast. I mean, if yo u told me to play Destiny 1 even a year ago I would say no thank you. Maybe not to much time has pass to make me excited about a new Destiny title or maybe I just want something else to play. What do you guys think?


I think I should open an off-topic category, lots of non-VR related questions lately :slight_smile:

But to your question. I was playing tons of Destiny on the PS4 because many of my friends played it. Not many of my friends have VR and many of those who have don’t like playing multiplayer games, so I’ve ended up playing Destiny with them.

Of course I stopped playing it along time ago but here comes Destiny 2 and many of my friends are asking me to buy it. To be honest, I wouldn’t have bought it if I had no close friends to play with. Destiny for me was like a Facebook-FPS game, a social network where I can meet up with friends and we can go and do some activities together. I enjoyed watching their avatar in games, enjoy doing strikes and raid, it was a great social experience. I’ve played with friends from all around the world, from the US, Germany, UK, Lebanon, etc. We all chat in the voice party chat and play together, it was an amazing experience.

I know you might find it funny, but I still not 100% sure if yo bring this game or not. I think that two days before the game comes out I will be convinced to bring it because many of my PS4 buddies are going to play it. It’s so much fun login in every day in the evening and meet all your friends and have fun together.

Now for the game itself. I am not impressed too much with what I’ve seen. I agree with you that it looks very similar to the first title. I understand that they want to capitalize as much as possible by using the same old game engine , same character mechanics and more or less the same type of enemies. It’s like I am looking at the COD saga, where each game that comes plays the same as the last year’s one with only theme changes.

The thing is that Destiny doesn’t currently have any competition. Ubisoft tried something similar with 'The Division’and failed but BioWare really impressed me with their upcoming MMO title Anthem that looks like Destiny.

The other thing is that when it comes to non-VR games, I really don’t have a lot of games that I play right now, other than Overwatch, Fortnite and Paragon. Even with all the bad things that I’ve read about Destiny 2, I feel that I am going to enjoy it quite a lot, especially doing raids with friends, which requires team-play and communication. I remember all the bad things people say about the first Destiny and all the mediocre scores it got in reviews, I still enjoyed playing it, and quite a lot!

If you don’t have anything better to play and have friends that are bringing this game, I think that if you are like me, you are going to have fun. Do you have any better alternative to Destiny 2? If so please share. My other advice is to just wait a few days and hear the first impressions of your close friends. Nothing will happen if you buy the game after a few days, you get random loot anyway and your friends can help you progress when you play together, so you can quickly get to the same level as them. Raids aren’t coming at launch so there is no rush. I know that it’s more fun playing the game on day one when everyone is logging in, but just so you know, there might be log-in issues due to the massive amount of people trying to log in at once and who knows, many people might not be able to play at the first day. I am not saying that this what would happen, but it happened a lot in the past for very popular titles.

This all I can recommend right now. I hope this helps.

You guys just don’t learn aren’t you. Just buy it and be disappointed. If you play on the PC you have tons of alternatives - which platform are you playing on, PS4 or PC?

No… just kiddin… I think that Bungie emphasized on competitive MP this time around. I think they think that the game will leave longer if the focus is on the multiplayer mode rather than the campaign (PVE). Very few people finished the raid from what I’ve heard, so this means that the PVE can die pretty quickly and if there is no strong MP to support it, the game shelf-life is reduces. I really enjoyed playing it with 6 friends, but now you can only with 4 friends. I’m pretty sure they will change it in the near future because many players complained about it. Overall, looks like a nice game and I’ll probably pre-order it in a few days. If you want to play with me guys, just send me a PM with your PS4 username (not playing it on the PC).

Would you play Destiny 1 again if your friends play it, if not, don’t buy D2, it will be the same exact experience.

Destiny 2 is going to be almost the same as before, no engine changes, more or less same enemies, same boring multiplayer arena styles, etc. I think that some things they have changed for the worse, but I don’t feel like get into it right now, just don’t buy it.

Actually many of my friends have decided to get it. They just like the fact that many of them will be getting it and they can play together. I personally wouldn’t mind buying any game that my friends are playing so I can play with them, ok not any game, but you get the point. Most of my enjoyment comes from playing with my friends, at least when it comes to MP games.

I’ve decided to buy it. I knew that a few days before I’ll get hyped and I wouldn’t be able to resist. I hope we can have the same fun as we did in Destiny 1.

I bought the game yesterday and I’ll be playing it tomorrow with my friends. I didn’t realize that so many of my online buddies on the PS4 are going to get it.