Robo Recall gameplay mechanics look so cool!

Robo Recall is one of my favorite upcoming titles for Oculus Touch. The video below showcase the gameplay mechanics. You can see that you how you can hold the robot in a certain point in his chest and even break his joints in specific points. You can hold him and throw him far away from you. The gun gameplay mechanics are also very cool and I really liked how you just throw the guns to get ones fully reloaded. There is the teleportation system, which I personally not a big fan of. Shooting is really cool and you can combo moves to gain extra score. The visual effects are really cool, and I like the cartoonish score popping out when you do damage, like in the classic arcade games of the 90s.

I will prefer to play this type of shooter than one that is built around fast movement. The resolution of the video isn’t but you get the hang of it. Really cool game!


Hi guys, haven’t been here for quite a while, just finish my exams. This game looks really cool. I really like the innovative mechanics. I think that the Oculus Touch will ignite an arm race and we are going to see many new games coming to the Oculus Rift. If I am not wrong, Robo Recall is an Oculus Rift exclusive. I think that Oculus Rift does need to have some good exclusive to differentiate itself from the competition and to be able to attract new users that otherwise could pick up the Vive due to higher availability of room-scale games.

Epic Games have developed it, so I’m sure it’s going to look very good, and the most important thing about this game is that it’s free. People who already invested in the Oculus and the Touch controllers, at least get a triple-A quality title without needing to pay extra. The downside is that this title comes in 2017. If it was released today, I’m sure it would have helped Oculus recruit even more customers under its wing, nevertheless, looks like a great game.

Totally agree, that’s what I’m looking for in VR games. The grabbing and tearing the robot apart is exactly the type of gameplay mechanics that will differentiate VR games from the rest and make the game much more fun to play. posted a design insight if you are interested. The game looks great and it will be free!! Looking forward to more great Oculus Touch game from Epic Games.

Although I am super happy that people get the game for free, why there are given it for free I still don’t get it.