RoadToVR reviewed PlayStation VR

I am really impressed after reading RoadToVR review of the PlayStation VR headset. It touches all the things that you need to know and what to expect before buying the PSVR.

Here’s a link to the review:


Very detailed review, touches all the cons and pros of the PlayStation VR.

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I still think that it’s better or people to go to the store and try PSVR first hand. You just can’t comprehend that experience when looking at videos, no matter what type of marketing those companies do, you won’t get that presence feeling by just watching videos from your home while looking on a 2D screen. By October 13th, many stores who sell it will put one for demonstration, so you can just go to the store closest to your home and try it out.

Counting the days lol, actually I’m going to wait a bit, I want to see how non-reviewers react to it and what’s their opinion.