Rigs got 6 on gamespot

RIGS Mechanizes Combat League got 6 on gamespot. I personally see this as a failure. The fact that is’s hard to find online matches already kills this game. It could have been something great and was one of the most anticipated VR games for the PSVR.

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RIGS is an average game. I’ve read it in several places. Many gamers thought it’s going to be the best game to play on the PS4, but after watching some gameplay videos, it looks like a half-baked game, nothing to get excited too much about.

I thing it’s a good game, but for a multiplayer, it expect it to be much better, more depth better progression and better visuals, that’s why I was a bit disappointed.

I actually liked the game quite a lot :slight_smile:

Enjoy, that’s what matters. I am looking forward for the next iteration of games, it will take a year or two until we see some really good games, although Robinson looks really interesting and it’s developed by Crytek, so I know it’s going to be awesome :slight_smile:

I think RIGS is one of the most fun games I’ve tried on PSVR.

Yeh, the reviews have been mixed about this one. I have few friends that just don’t stop playing it, other stopped playing ir after one hour. I just felt that it could have been much more than it is in terms of its multiplayer experience.

I actually think its a solid game, but most game were rushed to be ready for the PSVR launch ,that’s why they aren’t the good.