Research on Online Knowledge sharing on

Hi all!

To shoot from the hip; I’m writing my master thesis about knowledge sharing in online communities.

My research tries to answer the following question; “what motivates game developers to freely share their knowledge within online communities?”. The eventual goal of the research is to provide moderators with tangible answers on how to set-up the community in a way that best serves it’s users (you).

I’m looking for members that are willing to share their thoughts and expertise about sharing knowledge on with me during an interview of approx 1 hour via Skype. To give you an idea of the questions you can expect: “What do you like about game development?” and “What kind of knowledge do you share?”. It’s not necessary to speak English, chat is sufficient as well.

Besides infinite karma points you would really help out moderators to improve your user experience D

If you’re interested or like to receive more info please add me on Skype: joep.van.duinen or send me an e-mail via

Thanks in advance for taken it into consideration and looking forward to get in touch!

Cheers from Amsterdam,


PS: everything you might disclose during the interview will be fully confidential and not shared without your approval.