Reactive Grip - a motion controller with tactile feedback

I thought that Microsoft’s haptic feedback controller prototype was cool, but here comes Tactical HAptics and introducing the Reactive Grip. It’s a motion controller that integrates haptic feedback for virtual reality games. The company already raised $2.2M so this controller is hihgly likely to make itself in the consumer market pretty soon.

This video explain how the controller’s technology works.

Tactile feedback is very important for improving the immersion of certain type of games where you hold objects like a sword, shooting with a gun, etc. It convey motion and force information. The Microsoft one was good for translating the feeling of texture but I think that this one is much more practical for the most popular game genres in VR. It would be great to have it all in one controller, but it’s just great to see how fast VR technologies are moving forward and see all these great innovations come up to answer the demands of making VR experiences much more immersive and fun.

You can find out more information about this new controller on Tactical Haptics official website.


Man, the technology progression in the VR industry is just mind blowing, even faster than what mobile was back then. It’s just unbelievable, they making current controllers look completely obsolete.

Looks so awesome for first-person shooters, damn I want to try it out!

Doesn’t look that complicated to build, but hey, what do I understand.