Raw Data Top Selling VR Game on Steam

Raw Data is a room-scale wave-based action combat shooter that incorporates co-op multiplayer gameplay. Today I’ve read that it has become the top-selling VR game on Steam on its launch day. Raw Data isn’t your casual first-person shooter, and it’s one of the most enjoyable room-scale action games out there for the HTC Vive headset.

###The Hype is Real!

In this case, the gameplay does justify the hype and the game isn’t even finished yet. You can check out the roadmap and see what we can expect to see in the upcoming updates (>= 0.2), including new missions, leaderboard system, more variety of enemies, a new Hero, new abilities, tutorials and much more.

No more Hype needed, the game is amazing! Check it out!


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I am going to play it tonight when I get home and give you my opinion on it.

What, I can’t believe it, did they mentioned why is the reason they have decided to drop the PSVR support? It was one of the most anticipated VR titles, I’m very disappointed to hear that.

The game is praised everywhere. I just read an article about it on venturebeat.com. The game good amount of content, cooperative gameplay, a great sense of presence and a great fast-paced combat system (check out the second image in the article, looks like Genji from Overwatch :slight_smile: ).