Rate motion sickness for VR games - New web app

We’ve just launched a new web app for rating motion sickness for games. Check out the new website here:


We are currently testing it, so any help will be appreciated.


Love the idea. I’m sure that there are many gamers who aren’t sure to by certain games because they think that they can experience motion sickness, and that website can help them read other gamers’ feedback and make a smarter buying decision. Love it!

Great site spooky. I think you should add some stats on the main page so people can see which are the highest and lower ranked games. Just my two cents.

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Thanks a lot @DestinyProSniper, I will definitely add those feature in the upcoming days. I plan to create a statistics page separate from the home page for that purpose. Keep an eye of the site, by next week you’ll see many new features.

Thanks vimvim, I’ll be adding more cool features in the upcoming weeks.

Very useful website. I hope more people will contribute their experiences.