Quest 2 VR escape room game with speedrun option

I absolutely enjoyed this escape room VR game! It was the perfect level of challenging without being too frustrating. There are three different rooms you can play in as of right now, with more planned to be added in 2022 according to the developers. Even though the visuals aren’t the strongest part of the game, I still had a blast playing it because the puzzles are designed so well.

I loved getting excited when I was able to figure things out and it made the whole experience worth it. There is also a speedrun game mode which I thought was really cool. It was great to see different locomotion options because sometimes solving the puzzles can take a while. You can grab objects from afar by pointing and pressing the trigger. When it turns blue (interactable), then tap the grip button to grab it.

Overall, this is a well-made escape room VR game with some great added features. I can’t wait for more rooms to be added. Hopefully they will be even more challenging! I would highly recommend this game to anyone looking for a fun escape room VR experience.