PSVR will bring gameplay innovation back to the PS4

Yesterday I had a little chat with my friends on the PS4 and we talked about that most of the games are the same, there is little innovation and the largest game companies tale very small risks. This is why I am so excited that a new technology comes to the PS4, so finally developers will be encouraged (I can even say forced ,because they need to adapt to this new technology) to developer innovative games. The PSVR gives them an excellent platform to showcase their creativity and we gamers can enjoy some great new innovative games.

Hell yeh. I had enough of playing those RPG and shooter again and again. I will probably wait a few weeks before putting my hard earned money on this new technology, just to make sure that there aren’t any real issues with it. I have no doubt that VR will change the gaming world for the better, especially PS4 console. It’s not like game companies are going to stop developing regular games, but I do hope that many of the triple-A developers will come up with more exciting games. It’s a new technology, so it might take time, especially considering how much time it takes to develop a game (~2-3 years for an AAA title).