PSVR subreddit isn't active as I thought is would be

I usually visit the PSVR subreddit on Reddit just to read some opinions and reactions about the PSVR. I have to tell you that considering the massive launch, the subreddit is relatively quiet. You just needed to see No Man’s Sky subreddit when the game launched. I think it might tell us about the popularity of the device prior to sales data. PSVR and PlayStation VR subreddits have bee migrated, so all the PSVR posts are in that subreddit. It was hard to find a post that gone over 100 votes.

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Analysts predict that 6% of PS4 users will but the PSVR and predict 2.6 million sales by the end of 2016. These are very big numbers. I also have my doubts and I’m really interested to see is indeed the analysts were right on this one. Regarding reddit, give is a day or two, I’m sure it will become much more active as people finished their first experience and give some time to share their experiences.

I personally don’t pay attention to early reviews by the big gaming websites and YouTubers, I think they over exaggerate the experience and make it over dramatic. I think that reddit is a good place to read some honest opinions and I agree with you that it’s a bit stale right now. I think that by tomorrow we’ll see some more opinions of players that summarize their experience with their new playstation vr headset.

It will take time, there aren’t even any reviews on for the PSVR, people are probably snoring after playing all night :slight_smile:

It’s starting to be quite active since yesterday. I assume people are indeed playing instead of sharing their opinions in the first days of release, but now it’s becoming much more active.

Check now, it’s became really active :slight_smile: