PSVR sales predictions down from 2.6M to 750k

According to this website, VR is the biggest loser this holiday. Just look at the PSVR sales predictions, down from 2.6M to 750K, that’s a huge drop!

I am not surprised. As much as people wanted to believe that PSVR is cheap and it will sale like cupcakes, it’s not. For many people this price, including the the camera and controllers is still very expensive. Also consider the fact that you need to buy a few games for your shiny new headset, and those games aren’t cheap at all. It’s like buying a new console and only have a budget to buy only a few games for quite some time.

The main problem with VR is that you have to try it to really get to feel the experience. Many people therefore just preferred not to order it, not “take a chance”. No mater how many videos you put on YouTube to promote the game, VR is very hard to sell without actually giving the consumer an option to try it himself.

If there were amazing games for it, it might be a different story, but there aren’t. Actually the best titles in 2016 are not VR.

The third thing is that Nintendo is coming with its Switch console on March 2017. People know that this is going to be a powerful hybrid console, it has lots of great exclusive games and many gamers might prefer invest in that console instead of a yet to be proven technology, like many consumers still feel about VR at the moment.

You don’t know how many of my friends are saying that they’ll wait for the next generation of headsets and it’s too expensive to invest in a headset that is going to become obsolete in very short time, considering how fast the VR industry id developing. People just prefer to wait and save the money when headsets are better and there are more games for it. I know it’s like shooting the industry in the leg, but that’s what consumer think.

I think that Sony was forced to come out with the PS4 pro, and it didn’t help either ti improve the sales. Why buy a headset that the best experience would be when played on the PS4 Pro. It’s just confused the customer and at the end of the day, if you are confused, you hold on and way. It’s better than spending a lot of money and be frustrated with your purchase.

That’s how I see if right now, and I hope that 2017 would be better for VR… less hype more high quality content and cheaper headsets :slight_smile:

No surprised either. The headset, even at $400 is still very expensive to many. It’s not like this is the only thing people want to buy this year. Microsoft has a better offering and I also think that many people prefer buying a VR headset for mobile device, rather than another non-mobile gadget. Just look at the Gear VR sales, millions of headsets sold.