PSVR first issues are surfacing up

I wondered when there will be the first big post that will talk about users issues with the PlayStation VR. Today I cam across an article on IGN that talkes about image drift and other issues that PSVR users encounter when played games with their new PSVR headset.

IGN also mentioned some issues posted on reddit of users that some games weren’t able to even detect the headset (quite weird to be honest).


We all need to put things in perspective. Most users are having a blast playing games on the PSVR and not experiencing any issues whatsoever. Maybe it’s a particular setup that causes these issues, and we probably know more about those issues in the upcoming days. I didn’t find any official post from Sony acknowledging any of the issues I’ve read on reddit, but of course I do believe that people are experiencing them. Feeling motion sickness is also an issue for some games, but many of my friends say that it just takes time to adjust to it. I personally experience motion sickness when sitting in a car, don’t know why, but it happened after I haven’t been on a car for quite some time. Once I did it several times, I got used to it and I now longer experiencing it, and I think VR is the same more or less.

I think that relative to the number of people who bought the headset, which according to what I’ve read is around hundreds of thousands of PS4 owners, it doesn’t seem like big issues. Most of the issues might even be corrected using updates, especially for the games that don’t recognize the headset. Things are looking good overall for PSVR at the moment. I personally want to wait a bit to to make sure there aren’t any real issues with the headset before I buy it.

These are minor issues, and many of them are specific game-related. I thought we would see some major issues, but it seems that the launch went pretty smooth.

Agree, clean launch overall - happy for Sony.

Yes totally agree, great launch. By the end of the year there are going to be more than 50 games available for the PlayStation VR, tons of games to play, I wish I could afford them all :frowning:

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