PS4 Pro Key Features and enhancements for VR Games

PlayStation 4 Pro is the necessary evolution to provide gamers with better looking games and obviously to allow developer to build better VR games. The PS4 Pro employs an upgraded GPU and faster clock rate and Sony has given tools for developers so they can easily make adjustment for current titles to look even better than they are played on the new PS4 Pro. Above all that, the PS4 pro also comes with a 1TB hard drive, so you’ll have plenty of space to store a large selection of games, without having to delete other games to make room for new ones.

The PS4 Pro supports 4K output and HDR, two technologies that considerably improve the visual experience when watching your content on a 4K HDR-ready HDTV display. 4K HDTVs are becoming cheaper and cheaper, and PS4 Pro comes at a great time when many gamers now can afford buying those displays to enjoy and even better gaming experience.

Sony has demonstrated the 4K advantage in several optimized real-time rendered demos, including Spider man, For Honor, Deus Ex: Mankind Divided and others. There are much higher detailed environments due to the higher resolution output, but in order to really understand the difference, you need to view those 4K showcase videos on a 4K display, bot on a Full HD one. I really like the Watch Dogs 2 scenes, really gorgeous, full of details, everything looks and felt much more alive. It’s so great to see a new generation console being able to output 4K, which is now inline with the PC resolution output capabilities.

Obviously, Sony has cooperated with some of the leading game studios to make sure that when the PlayStation 4 Pro comes out, there will be a series of new games or ones with an update that will give PS4 Pro owners the ability to play those 4K high-fidelity games on day one.

HDR is another technology that Sony put a lot of focus on. Of course it will help Sony sell more of its HDR-capable HDTV displays, but this technology can really produce some amazing results. HDR scene look much more natural and realistic looks, close to how our eyes see the world. Daytime and nightime scene will look much better in HDR because more details will be visible in both shadow and highlight areas. Rendered cinematic scenes will now look even better and more immersive than ever before. The utilization of higher resolution and HDR will provide gamers a more immersive visual experience like never before.

As said in the PS4 Pro reveal event, you don’t need a 4K and HDR-compatible display to enjoy the PS4 Pro. Games developed for the PS4 Pro will have many visual enhancements. Of course all games that have been developed to take advantage of the PS4 Pro advanced features will also work on the regular PS4 console as well. Just those who play the game that is also optimized for PS4 Pro, will be able to play it in a much higher resolution (if it is supported in the game) and better visual fidelity.

Sony has showcased Paragon, showing how it looks on the PS4 and on the PS4 Pro. The PS4 Pro version had better lighting effects, higher resolution textures and higher dynamic reflections.

Of course, one of the main benefits of the PS4 Pro is for VR gaming, specifically for the PlayStation VR. Gamers will be able to enjoy a considerably richer and more immersive VR experience for titles that utilized the PS4 Pro computing power and new features, including higher frame rates, which is essential for delivering a comfortable viewing experience when playing games in virtual reality. Some developers might focus on increasing the texture resolution, add more lighting effects or add more objects to the scene to make the overall experience much richer and more immersive.

Horizon Zero Dawn is one of the most anticipated games for the PS4. The games is also highly optimizes for the upcoming PlayStation 4 Pro console. I was really impressed with the demo. The world looked so reach, the hair of the characters moving in the wind, the sounds, the texture quality, the lighting, the rich landscape environment, this demo really impressed me.

In the event, Activision has announced that its upcoming title Call of Duty Infinite Warfare and the previously released title COD Black Ops 3, will support the PS4 Pro on day-one, so you’ll able to enjoy playing those games in the highest quality possible when you buy the PS4 Pro. Electronic Arts also mentioned Mass Effect Andromeda support for the PlayStation 4 Pro.

Now it will be interesting to see how the PS4 Pro compared to Xbox Scorpio.


Sony will have a one year head start over Microsoft’s Xbox Scorpio, but Scoprio will be more powerful than the PS4 Pro, featuring a 6-teraflops GPU, which is about 43 percent more powerful than the PS4 Pro. I personally thought that Sony will come with a new system that will be twice more powerful than the Scorpio specs, but I guess I was wrong.

The thing is that you don’t actually know if we will see any big different in games between the two consoles. But that’s certainly gives Xbox developers an option to really push the boundaries of what can be achieve in games in the near future. I think that the the importance of power is highly exaggerated. I played tons of games on both the PS4, Xbox One and the PC, most of the games that I enjoy most don’t even look that good. The focus should be on innovative game experiences, not just visuals, although some games like adventure and exploration games can really benefit from this…

Yes, but don’t forget about VR. Having a more powerful hardware to develop for is essential for VR. VR developers want to deliver games that at high frame rates, but at the same time being able to developer games that looks good visually. PS4 Pro enabled them to do so, and be less limited by the hardware capabilities. There is more room for creativity and delivering the exact experience that the developer wanted to deliver, with less limitations.

By the way, the PS 4 Pro comes with a x86-64 AMD Jaguar 8-core CPU, a 4.20 TFLOPS AMD Radeon graphic card and 8GB GDDR5 memory.

I’m not impressed at all. It’s for those who can afford buying a 4K HDR-ready display and as you mentioned, the importance of resolution is highly overrated. I bought so many games and been really disappointed with many of them. At the end of the day, I prefer a game that brings something new to the table, than playing the same old games just with better visuals. That being said, BF1 really looks amazing, and it took two years for developers to really take advantage of the PS4 hardware. I’ll just wait for the PS5. That being said, for VR game developers can use that extra processing power to make more immersive games. I don’t know if it’s that essential, because all the game that will run on the PS4 Pro will run on the PS4 as well. It will be interesting to see some side by side image quality comparison of those games that support the PS4 Pro so see how big the different in graphics quality really is.

I’ve just read this article on Gamespot. Albert Penello, Xbox director, mentioned that the different between the two consoles will be “obvious”. Well, after Micorosoft knows the PS4 Pro specs and have seen the differences, I am not surprised that he came out with that statement. I don’t know if the 1.8 terflops different will turns out to be a big deal in the real world, maybe for Xbox Exclusives they might. The PS4 is more powerful than the Xbox One, but the difference in image quality is not that substantial, if at all. For me that wins is the games. The PlayStation 5 is estimated to be released at the end of the 2018, so a year later after Scorpio is released, Sony is going to release a much more powerful console, so I really don’t see any reason to get the Scorpio, as Sony is going to be a head of the competition when the PS5 is out.

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Getting twice the performance of the PS4 for $399 is a good deal in my opinion, especially for those who don’t have a PS4 console and planned buying it in the Holiday season. For now, I wasn’t convinced by the Xbox exclusives, let alone that Sony is also focusing on VR with the PlayStation VR headset. By the time Sony released the PS5, we probably going to see a second generation PSVR headset, so for me, Sony has the highest potential of winning the console war with its upcoming PS4 pro console, as well as when the next generation console lineup comes up.

VR is bringing new type of experiences that will immerse players in a way that they haven’t experienced before. Sony knows that and that’s why it focuses in making sure that it has a good lineup of games when the PSVR is out. If I had to choose, I obviously would get the PSVR instead of investing my money on the upgraded PS4 Pro console. When you buy the PSVR you get a free demo disc that comes with Driveclub VR, Rigs Mechanized Combat League, PlayStation VR Worlds, Tumble VR, Battlezone, EVE: Valkyrie, Wayward Sky andHeadmaster. All of these demos will get you inside VR on day one and give you an option to enjoy this new medium on day one.

So it’s not just about a direct PlayStation 4 Pro vs Xbox Scorpio comparison debate, but how these two consoles support future technologies, in this case, virtual reality. So Sony definitely has the upper hand over Microsoft in that regard. Many of the PSVR games aren’t that impressive visually, but the immersion and the unique gameplay experiences are unique and much more interesting in my opinion.

I have nothing a new console in the middle of the current gen life cycle. VR can definitely benefit from it, as well as players who play games in their living room on a large 50" plus 4K displays. This can certainly bump up the experience. I’m happy with this announcement and hopefully more games will be adapted to take advantage of this more powerful console. The price is also just right.

I am disappointed with the PS4 Pro. If it was another console I can understand, but is it really necessary to deliver better experiences, I don’t think and the graphics comparisons aren’t that different either as some people mentioned here. In 4K I’m sure there is going to be a difference, but playing on a 1080p display, I rather invest my money elsewhere.

I agree that it’s a boring and not exciting new console, but for the real deal, we need to way for PS5.