PS4 Neo - what's the benefits for VR?

From what I know, PS4 was designed with VR in mind, so why release another console? Developers have already targeted the PS4 and not a new console. I just don’t get it. Maybe is because both companies spy on each other and that result is a new console in the mid-life of the current gen ones.

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No doubt that both Sony and Microsoft has many plans for VR in the near future. In order to give the best possible experience to their console users, they had to adapt to the market demands. I don’t know if they thought about to release a new console five years ago, but the market certainly dictates that more powerful computing power is needed to allow developers to have more freedom to develop better VR games with fewer restrictions.

Someday in the future, They will need to compete head-to-head against Oculus and HTC when the prices of their headset and the required PC hardware components will become more affordable, and the console offering might be less attractive at the point. As for now, the PlayStation VR is still more affordable than the PC equivalent, but Sony is making sure it’s ready for what’s coming up next.

I guess that figured out that PS4 is not future proof and it won’t hold through the upcoming years as a VR machine and they have to come up with a more powerful console seems reasonable.

Benefits? More power, better graphics, faster frame rates - do you need anything more?

I wouldn’t complain being able to buy a more powerful console. From what I’ve heard, Sony is going to release two consoles, and it’s interesting to see how its consoles compares to the new Xbox.