Promocodes for one of the first Daydream games out there!

Hi all, we just updated Tropical Dream VR in order to fully support Google Daydream! Here is the Google Playstore URL:

If you have a Daydream device please let me know something more about you experience with Tropical Dream VR. We need your feedback in order to improve it!
Here it is a list of free promo activation codes you can use to get the app for free :slight_smile:
(if a code does not work, it means somebody else already used it. Just try another one)


Thank you for you help


@S3rgio thanks so much. I don’t have a Daydream device but I know friends who have. Thanks so much for sharing :slight_smile: :slight_smile: !!

Will it work with cardboard compatible headset as well, or is it just for Daydream?

If it does work with the cardboard, What’s the difference between the two?

Thanks for sharing the codes. I’ll spread the word so more people here will download and test it.

Thanks for sharing. I do have a question. What makes this game Daydream ready? does it work with the controller, does it appear in the Daydream game category? I"m asking because I’ve read that it supports cardboard, does it mean that all cardboard are Google Dream compatible by default, I’m quite confused about that, that’s why I’m asking.

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Good question @Agoston. I think that all Daydream apps will be compatible with Cardboard. According to this page on, developers can debug their Daydream applications using a compatible Cardboard viewer. The Daydream View wasn’t announced at that time, so developers had to debug their apps somehow, so Google there say that one of the prerequisites is viewer that is compatible with Cardboard.

Of course a game or experience developed for Daydream will take better advantage of the device performance and the controller. This is why some companies exhibit their Daydream games in the Google event, some of them are Daydream-exclusives.

An important question that you might ask is whether the headset will work on a non Daydream-ready mobile device or not.

Also want to thank the OP for sharing the keys for the experience.

Hi, thank you for your interest!
I see everybody is confused about the “Daydream ready” hype. Let’s say it all depends by the way the developers implemented it. In order to really be Daydream Ready, the game has to implement the Daydream drivers. And they are available just on a couple of devices out there. On all the other devices, the developer has 2 options: not support them (so on these devices the game does not work) or fall back to the legacy Cardboard drivers. That is what is happening on Tropical dream. You can use on any device. Older devices will not get the extra boost of a Daydream platform, because the game engine will silently fallback to the legacy cardboard SDK.
The controller is optional, at the moment the game logic does not need it, in the future we will take care of it in Tropical Dream.

Please note that games built for Google cardboard will work on a Daydream device too; so some game developer is cheating, pretending their games are Daydream ready, but in reality they are just old games :slight_smile: Hopefully later this month google will create a section in the store dedicated to real Daydream games to solve this issue…


Thanks for clarifying it. I think it’s important that Google to create a specific category for Daydream, because people expect high-quality experiences that were built with Daydream performance and (optional) controller in mind. I’m sure many developers just include the library so the device identifies it as Daydream ready.

I think that the success of Daydream as a VR platfrom depends on the quality of the games and experiences.

OK, so your experience is designed to take advantage of the processing power of Daydream devices, like better graphics or it’s the same on both Cardboard and Daydream? What’s the benefits of playing your game on Daydream compared to Google Cardboard?


Seriously, thanks so much!

Thanks sergio, I’ll try it and give you feedback.

Hi, it is too early and we need more time to better understand the Daydream platform. At the moment, I noticed that as a developer I am in control of the battery usage during the VR experience. I can set a low energy mode, perfect for long lasting experiences (but with lower graphic quality) or a sort of hi performance mode, when it is need. The SDK is quite new and I expect more improvements soon, but anyway the framerate and the responsiveness are already better if I switch from cardboard to daydream mode.

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@S3rgio so what you are saying is that on Daydream I’ll have better image quality? Do I need to explicitly choose the mode based on the headset that I use? :hushed: I am confused… can you please clarify because I plan to buy the View headset, cardboard user at the moment. Thank you.

I am planning to buy a Daydream compatible phone probably by next week, although I don’t know which other devices other than the Pixel supports it. I’ve heard that some people already got View headset but can’t play it because there is a software missing on the phone, which suppose to be released pretty soon (probably before November 10th). Finally HQ mobile VR for a non-Samsung Galaxy phone!

The developer mentioned in the official game page on Google Play, I quote: “Daydream SDK! Daydream devices are automatically detected and their full power is used”.

I think all was used, my friend couldn’t use one :frowning:

Maybe better frame-rates but it doesn’t explicitly say better graphics.

Try with one of these, they are brand new, be quick :slight_smile:


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seriously, thanks so much @S3rgio, the most generous develop on Earth !

I have a few friends that I told them about the experience, but the codes didn’t work for them, thanks so much (hopefully they are still active :slight_smile: )

Can you please tell me what’s the benefits of the Daydream version?

Awesome game, can you give us two more codes for my cheap cousins.

Where this came from, I am always late for the party :frowning: