Pokemon Go Mobile AR Game Hype is Real

I just don’t get why so many people are going crazy about Pokemon Go. I think it’s one of the most stupid games I’ve ever seen. There is not challenge in it, it’s pay to win and a complete waste of time. OK, some things are good like if it can convince people to take a walk, that’s healthy, but I think many people will get very addicted to it, especially children. This game is going to ruin some lives I’m pretty sure about.

The only reasons I think it’s popular is because it’s a good mobile augmented reality game, it’s social and competitive. I played it for 5 minutes and got bored with it very fast. I actually felt so stupid that I even consider playing it, buy hey, I had to give it a chance.

Is anyone here plays the game and can you please explain to me what liked about it? Maybe something is wrong with me.

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Not that hard to grasp, Pokemon is social and competitive like you said, but the main reasons, in my opinion, are because it’s a mobile game and is one of the most innovative augmented reality games on the market right now. The Pokemon series is already very popular on the Nintendo consoles. I think that many people have hoped that Nintendo will enter the mobile phone app’s market and when it finally did, people got ecstatic about it.

I think it’s also cool that the game actually drives people to get out of the house to find the hidden Pokemon characters that are near your area. It is GPS/location based which also makes the game very unique. I also liked the Gym aspect of the game, where you try to beat other player’s character and control a certain physical point in the augmented reality space.

The game also appeals to a very wide audience and people like the fact that when they are already outside, they can just open up Pokemon Go and see if there is something nearby. It’s like suddenly there is a parallel reality happening around you, and you can only be aware of it if you use the Pokemon Go game. People are curious to see the Pokemon Go that lives around them. It’s also great to see how the characters interact with the environment if you play the augmented reality mode and not the overlay theme mode.

I think it’s a very cool game, although I don’t actually play it.

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People found a great excuse, maybe “reason” is a better word, to get out of the house.

When I come to think about it and after watching a few videos, it really helps people get more socialize outside, so it’s pretty cool.

I think they should have massive battles where many people will go to the same place and fight with their Pokemons against each other. I think it might happen with the factions and maybe in big events, concerts, etc.

LOL, the best exercise app in existent :blush: (still not going to play it)

I already see a rain of apps that will try to mimic Pokemon Go and I think that will bring a large arsenal of great mobile augmented reality games. This is the future of mobile gaming, the industry will shift towards it very fast.

It sounds to me that Microsoft understood the huge potential of augmented reality and that’s why its main focus was on AR rather than VR. Pokemon GO is just one great example of that. I also think that people will prefer not playing with a headset and in the future we’ll see many more augmented reality oriented phones that will further enhance this experience.

They should add more social interaction aspects to the game, so it can beat WhatsApp, Twitter, SnapChat, Instagram and Messenger out of the map.A social network inside a game, what’s better than that!

I’m telling you guys, there is a legendary Pokemon on the moon, and if you want to get it, you want to start now training to be an astronaut :slight_smile:

All the thousands of geniuses in Facebook couldn’t come up with a great idea like this.

Wondering why it’s so popular?


Portable battery sales gonna skyrocket, I’m telling you.

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This game makes Streams more interesting because yo usee people playing outside, I really like this.

More fun but much more shaky and therefore annoying to watch, the phone image stabilization doesn’t really help much. I’m sure future phone will be optimized for this game :slight_smile: with much better optical stabilization so stream will look more stable.

Love this game, maybe I’m becoming addicted.

Anyone captured any Scyther in Pokémon Go, I heard it’s near rivers. If it’s near cemetaries there is no way I’m going there :slight_smile:

Cool stuff, games aweful.

Great Game. The most popular today in teens.

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AR is more accessible than VR because it doesn’t require any complimentary wearable accessory.

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