PlayStation VR - to buy or not to buy?

I’ve been breaking my head against the wall, I don’t know whether should I buy PlayStation VR or not. A few of the reasons why I am leaning toward buying PSVR is the affordable price and the exclusive game. There are plenty of non vR games that I also want to play, and I thought that maybe it will be wise to way a year after launch and see what titles are coming for it because investing my hard earned money on the headset. What do you guys think - buy or skip?

Many people have the same dilemma. I think that in general terms,Sometimes it’s worth waiting a few weeks after launch to read some reviews read user opinions.

I’m pretty sure PlayStation VR is going to be amazing, especially for those who haven’t tried VR yet. VR games are something different, you are inside the game instead of observing it on a 2D screen. That completely changes the entire experience. You haven’t mentioned if you consider Vive or Rift, or whether you tried a VR headset before. I assume that this is your first headset, and you think that it might be better to play some big budget titles instead of spending your money on a headset and a bunch of half-baked VR games.

From my own experience, I can tell you that even some of the simplest VR games that I’ve played on the Oculus Rift are amazing. Even driving a truck on VR is an amazing experience, something that I wouldn’t play without VR. Horror, adventure, and exploration games are just out of this world when played on VR. I almost never get scared of horror games, but VR changed that.

If you already own a PS4, and I assume that you do, I think it’s the best investment that you can do to elevate your gameplay experience. Just look at the PS4 market right now, same games just with a different theme. I can speak for myself, I want something new, a different gameplay experience. The VR technology allowed developers to develop unique gameplay experience that you can only experience them on VR. This means lots of great and unique games, ones that you won’t be able to enjoy without buying the PlayStation VR headset.

I am totally bored with all those FPS and RPG games. Maybe I want to play them again in the future after a long break, but I want something new. I love my PS4 console and played tons of games, but its time for something new. If you feel the same, you probably should get the PlayStation VR at launch, or if you are a bit skeptic, maybe you should wait after some reviews come up, both on the headset and games and make up your mind then.

I also recommend taking a look at our PlayStation VR section on the main website and see what games are available for you to play on the PSVR in 2016. Hope this helps.

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I am still not sure about the visual fidelity. I can’t stand pixelation and the PSVR I believe will look worse than the HTC Vie and Oculus Rift. You can see pixelation on the Rift, although it’s not that disturbing, but the PSVR has 960 x 1,080 pixel resolution per eye and the Vive has 1,080 x 1,200 pixel resolution per eye, so I expect the PS VR to be worst then the Vive and have more prominent pixelation. I need to see it myself before I decide whether to buy it or not.

I’ve read an article where Sony dev say that its PS VR screen is crisper than the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive due to the screen technology that has three subpixels per pixels, compared to the Vive and Rift that have fewer subpixels.

Marius, check this interview with Dr. Richard Marks, quite interesting. It talks about the headset technology.

I start feeling less worried about the PSVR

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At 8:00 Dr. Richard Marks talk about the quality of the display. I haven’t seen this video, very informative. The interviewer mentioned that there is no screen door. It’s a true RGP display, the optics are excellent matching the field of view and the screen. The screen is capable of 120 frames per second, so developers can develop games that run at 120fps or 60fps and the PSVR will use reprojection, a technology that translates 60fps to 120fps. He also mentioned that 90fps is also supported natively by the PSVR, so developers don’t need to make any adjustment when releasing a Vive or Rift game for the PSVR.

I think that the PS4 isn’t powerful enough for VR and we can expect to see many games with low graphics quality, am I right?.

Developers can still deliver 60fps games and those game can run on 120fps on the PlayStation VR display. Furthermore, I’ve seen a lecture given for VR developers (here’s a link to the video on YouTube), and in there they mentioned, that Photorealism is NOT necessary for presence. So even if games look more stylized and less impressive graphically, you can still enjoy a great gameplay experience.

So all in all, I wouldn’t be worried about the PSVR screen quality nor game graphic fidelity.

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It’s quite encouraging. So the screen technology is not not inferior than the Vive, regardless of the lower resolution… interesting.

Every day that passes by I learn more things about the game. Today I’ve learned that there going to be ship classes, each one designed for a certain task like trading, exploration ,fighting, etc. I really like this RPG element in the game, although you can change your ship class at any time when you buy a new ship.

Every time I watch a video of a ship landing on the planet I get very excited. It’s so amazing that you have infinite starts (theoretically, the number of stars is limited) and each one is different than the other. You don’t know what you’ll find, and that what makes the whole journey so excited.

I’ll probably be an explorer because that explorer ship can travel longer distances, and I’ll probably want to visit a lot of different planets. Although I’ve heard that it’s also good to choose to be a trader and make more money first in order to be able to buy a better ship and be able to upgrade it later on in the game.

Anyways, all these things really appeal to me and I’m looking forward to play the game when it launched next month.

Of course, great games, superb headset, what not too like about it, did I mention the price :slight_smile:

I’ll buy the PSVR for sure, most probably in the first day it is released. There are some really great games that I want to play on it, especially Ace Combat 7, Golem and my personal most favorite exclusive, RIGS Mechanized Combat leage! Can’t wait!!

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Games are getting very good reviews so far and it’s great to see that PSVR gives birth to some great new gaming experiences. I think that in a few days you’ll get a definite answer to this question as more people who pre-ordered or buy the headset try it out for the first time and share their experiences.

It is powerful enough for VR, but if it was more powerful, developers would have more freedom to create the experiences they want to create.