PlayStation VR Japan Trailer

Here’s a very cool PlayStation VR trailer that was released on PlayStation Japan’s YouTube channel, take a look and get hyped!

If this doesn’t get you excited about buying the new PlayStation VR headset, I don’t know what will :slight_smile:


RIGS Mechanized Combat League is the game I’m looking forward the most. I love competitive multiplayer games. I see myself spending hours over hours playing this game -whhooohooo!!

Check out this awesome box cover.

Rigs Mechanized Combat League box cover

Damn, these colorful covers kill me, can’t wait to get my hands on both of them. The PlayStation VR Worlds is bundled with the headset or only if you purchase the PlayStation VR launch bundle? I also see that you can’t pre-order from, what happened?

When I see the trailer I know that life won’t be the same. I only want to play VR games, I had enough of everything else, I want a new experience which I’m sure PlayStation VR will deliver. This trailer is similar to the US one, showing mixed-reality. To be honest, I can’t more hyped, I’m 1000% over capacity since E3. I just spend most of my time at work, walking out my dog and waiting for this headset to come out. I save money for buying a few games and RIGS certainly going to be one of them - so excited!

Completely understand what you are going through my friend, but there is still time and a few very good games are coming soon **cough** **cough** No Man’s Sky :blush:

TBH, all that hype is really messing around with my head and I need to relax and make my body and mind ready for No Man’s Sky. We still have three months to go, OK, 3 months minus three days, but there is plenty of things to do until then. I didn’t pre-order, but I’m getting PSVR when it comes out. I just hope that there won’t be any problem with availability on the first day.

Coming next month! so excited, I am also thinking of getting the PS4 Pro as well, but not sure yet. :heart_eyes:

The retail box design looks so cool!

Already pre-ordered, so hyped to get my hands on that headset. I still debate whether to also buy the PS4 pro, but I am not sure.

PSVR coming soon, so excited!