Playing GWENT, just got the closed beta key

Hi guys, Playing GWENT, just got the closed beta key. Amazing game, so many cards omg, will take me ages to fully comprehend its depth and how to properly build a strong deck.

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Yeh, great card game. The closed beta should last until spring from what I’ve heard. There are indeed tons of cards adn the meta is going to be quite complicated I believe. Also expect some many changes to some op cards. I recommend checking out the subreddit, there are excellent discussions there.

Hi guys, I have the beta, but for some reason I can’t play against other people I don’t know why. I reported this issue two days ago but it still unsolved. When I click the the casual match play option, it brings up the matchmaking window, and when I click the deck, it just blacks out for a few seconds and brings the same deck choosing window all over again, so I can start the game. It only worked once, and I have no idea why 99% of the time it doesn’t, any ideas?

Happened to me too a few days ago, what region are you playing if I may ask?

I got the keys today, going to give it a try. I’ve heard it’s a really fun game, even better than Hearthstone!

Do you have spare keys maybe?

Same issue again, can’t play versus other people. I sent a message to CD Project, hopefully they answer today and fix this.