Oz Chicken Slayer, FPS on Daydream

We’ve just released this FPS https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.tengio.oz_chicken_slayer

Its a work in progress and feedback is most welcome, we will be adding levels for now there are just waves.

Storyline behind the game is:
“Fight increasing hordes of zombie chickens as they try to overrun your farm and see how long you can survive in this frantic first person shooter on Google Daydream!
You play Oz, a retired special forces agent living the good life on a poultry farm. When his old nemesis Giorgione unleashes a plague of bloodthirsty zombie chickens, Oz grabs his trusty shotgun and gets to work…”

I forgot to add its free to play and there will be an Oculus version with controller support soon.

Also forgot to add, for those who are a bit more technical we’ve written a small case study on developing for daydream if anyone is interested: Oz Chicken Slayer Case Study

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I will add it to out index asap. Thanks for sharing.

I’ve added the game to our website. It should appear shortly under the Daydream category when the page cache clears up. :slight_smile:

Thats awesome. Thank you very much.

When Daydream was first announced, I saw MLB mentioned as a partner. I hope that includes being able to watch games in VR with MLB.tv and not just play Home Run Derby.