Orc Hunter demo appears on Steam, but doesn't lead to a game page

Orc Hunter Birth of Legends demo appears on the Steam game list. I tried to access the game page but it leads to the Steam store main page. If you go to this page on Steam, there is an age verification, but once again, clicking the Continue button leads to the main page.

I have no idea how to download the demo. If you know how to and were able to download the game, please tell me how.

Here’s the extended Orc Hunter gameplay trailer


Yes, the links is broken but you can install it via this link directly (if you have Steam installed on your computer):


Thank me later :grinning:

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OMG thanks so much. I did a quick search and I found that this actually is a problem with the store and the developer is working with Valve to fix it and he suggested that workaround in order to download the demo and try it out. Thanks for the update.