One of the first VR game to be reviews got 9 on Gamespot

Rez Infinite is a remake of the original title optimized for PlayStation VR. The game was reviews by Gamespot and given a total score of 9. The game doesn’t carry realistic graphics, and this just shows that VR games don’t need to look realistic to be entertaining, they can be really immersive and fun without gorgeous visuals. Many people put a great deal of visuals when buying a VR headset, and although graphics can certainly heighten the experience for some games, I think PSVR will prove that even in this current gen hardware, VR games can be very fun and immersive.

This is just the start. By tomorrow we are going to see tons of reviews, not just from the leading gaming websites but from many individuals who are going to share their experiences. I’ll be heading to PSVR subreddit quite often just to read players 'opinions about games.

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So excited about PSVR. I’ll wait a few days just to be sure, but I have no doubt that if launch goes smooth, I’ll be getting it a few days after. It’s great to hear that some of the new games get high score and people realize how good the VR technology is for gaming. I first worries about PS4 being too weak for VR, but I after reading some reviews about the hardware and experiences, I felt much more confident to buy the headset.

RIGS: Mechanized Combat League is also getting very good reviews. PSVR platform is getting an excellent start, at least as far as the game review score goes.

“You can finish the campaign in one hour if you are a skilled player…” (gamespot), so short :frowning: