Oculus Rift minimum specs down to Nvidia 960 graphics card

I was so excited to hear that I can now buy a computer at $499 that works with the Oculus Rift. The only reason that I didn’t buy the Oculus Rift was due to the high price of the computer, but now I am seriously considering buying one. I loved the Oculus Avatars, the touch controllers are going to be amazing and seeing all Facebook has to offer in the near future made me rest assured that I am buying into a future proof technology and one that will provide some great experiences.

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It’s now just the nvidia 960 graphics card, but the CPU minimum requirements were lowered. You can now use either the Inten i3-6100 or the AMD FX4350, or greater of course. The amount of RAM remains the same, 8GB. Also keep in mind that this works like progressive and interlaced works in splitting the information, but in this technology, the Oculus Rift runs at 45fps but automatically creates buffer frames which are dynamically created to produce an image of an in-between state of the 3D scene based on your head position and then inserts those buffer frames and results in 90fps, and all this happens seamlessly. I wonder how this impacts the overall viewing experience though.

Im kind of disappointed with the Rift, I bought it as I though my system was fine having just bought a new GFX card, intel i7, NVidia 1060, 16GB ram, and 2 USB 3 on board, the real story is my Pro is the i7 2600 @3.40GHz yet has no problems running games and apps I have used with the oculus, the first problem i had was my on board USB`s where not compatible, so ended up having to buy a USB card that was, so after spending £200 on a new GFX card £550 on the oculus and £20 on a USB card and it still tells me my system does not meet the Rifts specifications.
it will have to wait for a while now for a new board and pro for me not to see the message of specification disappear.

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With all that hardware you still get that message, weird?

Yeah still getting the message, I was expecting to get Half Life 2 running on the rift but had no luck, I did get the old Doom running and doom 2, but maybe I was expecting to much from it after all mine is the CV1 so they may have put something in there to stop you running your own games out side of there software, I’m just about to format and reinstall my windows 10 to see if this cures anything with my Steam games like HL2 but for some reason I don’t think it will.
I do regard my system as one that can and does run VR games Lucky`s Tale ran perfect one of the best things I’ve seen and played but I’m platform game fan but still love my FPS one of the reasons for getting the Rift.
If anyone can shed a light of running games like HL2 please let me know.
Oh BTW my old GFX card was the GTX 960 but ungraded it to the GTX 1060 for the Rift.

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Have you tried this one:


I’m just reading that now, I have been getting my head around the DK1,DK2 and now the CV1 of the rift, I am still going to format as its been a while since it was done so give these a try over the next day or so.
It would be nice to have games like HL2 work in VR and even the likes of Dying light though I’d crap myself with that one…:wink:
I`ll let you know how I get on with it after a format.

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Please do, I want to see if that solves the problem. If it doesn’t, just drop me a line and I will invest more time trying to find a solution.

I will and thank you for replying it is good to have somewhere to look for help.

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Anytime my friend, good luck.

Hi SpookyFairy, just to let you know I formatted my PC today and still got the “message of my PC does not meet the specification needed” I’ve not had time to try Halflife2 will give that ago and let you know, but wanted to pass on some info for anyone having problems with USB ports.
When I got the USB 3 card to use my Oculus I just plugged the censer and headset in anywhere it happen to be a port apart ie: 4 ports so they was plugged to 2 and 4, so when I formatted I rearranged them to be next to one another in port 1 and 2 just to make them neat and tidy, everything worked apart from the game lucky’s tale the xboxone joy pad would not work, I spent a good half hour messing with it and in the end in unplugged the USB’s and put the censer in 2 and the headset in 4 and the joypad just started working, So if anyone is having problems like this give this a try, I original had the censer plugged to a USB 2.0 and it worked, hope this little bit of info is of use.
Here is my system spec’s

Intel Core i7-2600 CPU @ 3.40GHz
NVidia GeForce GTX 1060 3GB version
16GB DDR 3 ram
I will let you know how I get on with Half life 2

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I just bought a Rift because the 960 is now supported, which my Dell XPS15 has. I’ve updated everything that can be updated, have USB 3.0 ports already and setup can’t get past the HDMI port… so much for Nvdia 960 support!

Anyhow put in a support claim - almost two days ago - not yet the 48 hours, but no answer.

If that’s how Oculus supports customers its a shame.

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I will search the web see if I can come up with something. That’s certainly a big issue, after investing a high-end laptop and headset, and can’t play due to software compatibility issues.

Check this out:

Maybe you should turn off Hibernation. There is also another solution by Malvolio at the bottom of the page, just check it out and see if it helps.

Even with the minimum hardware requirements, there are many PC VR games out there that you’ll need much higher specs to enjoy a reasonable frame rate. The minimum would be a bad experience otherwise.