Oculus Rift advantages compared to HTC Vive

From what I’m reading on the web in various reviews, the HTC Vive is the best headset among the two. The price difference is certainly not an issue considering that with the Vive you get a full set of accessories for roomscale VR.

I wondered what are the reasons that many people have chosen the Oculus Rift over the HTC Vive?

Indeed, HTC Vive does offer a range of features that the Oculus Rift does not (e.g. Chaperone).

  • Smaller and lighter - The Oculus Rift is smaller and lighter (555g vs 470g), better controllers (will be available later this year)

  • Great exclusives - A very good selection of high-quality exclusive titles that some gamers prefer playing (although Oculus stopped blocking Vive owners from playing its exclusive games via Revive), so people can now play games like Chronos and Edge of Nowhere, one of the best assets that Oculus has right now.

  • Cheaper initial price - although the overall investment is the same if you intend to buy the controller for $200. With the Vive your need to pay the full price, whether with the Oculus the controllers are optional and will be available later this year.

  • Built-in headphones - No hearphones to tangle, comes built-in with the headset (you can remove them if you want and attach yours to the 3.5mm headphone jack)

  • Easy setup - The HTC Vive has more complicated setup process (wired sensors that need to be placed high at the opposite sides of the room)

  • Future Exclusive Facebook integration - because it’s a Facebook company, but that yet to be seen

As you can see, there are some advantages that might have convinced people to choose the Oculus Rift over the HTC Vive.


I think that many people will prefer buying a headset that many of their friends are getting, so they can play some exclusive multiplayer titles with them, so exclusives going to be a big part of it.

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Thanks for the answer SpookyFairy. Can you please tell me if the Oculur Rift built-in headset is any advantages over one that you can attack to the 3.5mm on the Rift?

I’ve heard that the built-in headset are amazing, don’t know about the other options, but I think that having a built-in headset is better, because developer can target it in development.

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The HTC Vive headset runs on top of Valve’s Steam game platform, so, in my opinion, this is one of the HTC Vive’s best advantages. Steam is the predominant online marketplace for PC gamers. I’me sure many of those who bought the Vive did it for that reason (and maybe because they believe that when Half-Life 3 is released, it will be an exclusive VR title for the Vive and not the Rift :slight_smile: ).

Anyways, one of the biggest advantages isn’t related to the hardware, but rather the software.

I can relate to that. I bought my PS4 because many of my friends did.