Oculus Quest v25 Release Date & Build Notes

For those of you waiting for the v25 software update for the Oculus Quest. Just so you know that Oculus won’t release it for all users on February 2, 2021.

From the blog they said and I quote:

“Today we’re beginning to roll out the v25 software update to Oculus Quest headsets.”

I also didn’t get the update to 25.0 just yet and I did check the update and it’s still not available for me.

My guess is like it’s mentioned in the blog, it will be released gradually. So you might get the v25 update in the upcoming days or so.

What’s included in the update?

More information here from the official Oculus release notes.

But in general, they are bringing Facebook Messenger to the Quest and Quest 2 so you can chat with Facebook friends and invite them to join a game or experience or jump into games together by sending a party invite.

They are improving Guardian and PAssthrough features. The stationary guardian update removed the grid (that was so annoying, thank you!). It’s also now responsive when you move your headset.

They added a Passthrough shortcut to general availability. Before it was experimental and existed in v23. This means you can double-tap the headset on any side to see the passthrough and double-tap again to hide it. I tried it on v23 and it worked well.

They are bringing support for Bluetooth mouse. So you can use a mouse while in VR. It’s very easy to pair it, just make sure you are using a Bluetooth mouse and not other types of wireless mouse technologies.

Another cool update was done to the camera roll, allowing users to trim their captured videos inside the headset. It can only trim videos more than 30 seconds in length.

Another improvement that I liked is the Oculus Link cable. Which now supports 80hz and 90hz refresh rates. The infamous issue that causes a black screen after exiting was also fixed.

Again, more information on the official website, but all of those are very welcome updated. Thanks, Oculus.

Are they releasing it gradually because I haven’t got it either.