Oculus Quest 2 hand tracking kind of sucks

I’ve been playing around with the hand tracking of the Oculus Quest 2 and eventually I came to a conclusion that the hands tracking algorithm is just not good enough to encourage devs to build apps around it.

It’s accurate only in certain conditions but not good at all for complex hand gestures.

Today I spend some time with Hand Physics Lab, an app by Holonautic.

It features the following:

  • interactive Buttons and Controllers
  • Tools including Hammers, Crowbar and Axe
  • Building blocks playground!
  • Drawing board with Pencil, Eraser and Finger painting
  • Egg Painting Station with your own fingers!
  • Paint your own hands!
  • Use toy Guns to cover dummies with darts
  • Typing on a mechanical keyboard and using a Mouse
  • Weight lifting
  • Interactive and animated tiny Puppet
  • A Clone of yourself!
  • Detach your Hands and walk with them
  • Play with OR without gravity!
  • Play with Telekinesis and Force Fields!
  • Experiment in the Chemistry Lab with Lasers and Acid
  • Put candles in your cake and light them up with a Lighter
  • Resize your hands from tiny to HUGE!
  • Interact with a Dynamic Door
  • Climb and move around just using Physics

Here is me trying out the app.

As you can see, it was very inconsistent. In their promotion video, it looks slick but when I tried it (in ideal conditions) it was very inconsistent.

Even Oculus’ own hand-tracking interactive app Elixir for the Quest–left a lot to be desired. It’s not that the experience wasn’t designed well, it’s just the cameras kept losing track of my hands.

This can work well for very basic hand gestures and even in Elixir, they designed it as such, only with basic gestures where the hands are clearly separated from each other.

There are other apps like The curious Tale of The Stolen Pets, and Walts of the Wizard Extended Edition, The Line, and others—but I am yet to try those out.

The thing is with VR is that because this is a new medium for many, you want to try out apps before you buy them and VR app prices aren’t cheap.

Anyway, I don’t see many devs jumping on the hand-tracking thing because it does suck.

Hopefully, Facebook brings the more advanced hand tracking algorithms to the Quest and Quest 2 like the one demonstrated in Facebook Reality Labs.

Check it out.

Yeh, so this is it. There are great technologies to look forward to but things don’t move as fast as we want them to. A year or two goes by so fast and we don’t really have big jumps in terms of VR technology evolution. I just hope that Apples inject disruptive technology to make the market move faster. It seems that this is the only thing that can speed the market up.