NVIDIA VR Funhouse released for free via Steam

NVIDIA VR Funhouse is now available for download for free on Steam store. VR Fun House is a collection of seven different mini-games that showcase the base of NVIDIA’s VR technologies have to offer for virtual reality. NVIDIA VR Funhouse requires a high end GPU and CPU. Nvidia recommnends an Intel Core i7 5930 or great CPU, 8GB RAM and GeForce GTC 1080 graphics card. For more information visit the Steam page.

If you have the HTC Vive, don’t wait any second, get to Steam and try it out… really cool games are waiting for you there. I especially liked the boxing ring where you need to hit some springy charcters with cool hair styles. By the way the hair used in that minigame ises NVIDIA HairWorks technology that simulates and renders realistic hair and fur. Just try to touch it with your own virtual hands and see what I mean - really cool!

Here’s the game trailer - have fun!



Played it - just WOW! Nvidia really push VR technology forward, just unbelievable. The games are super fun and addictive, and visuals and sound effects are spot on. I really like the basketball and the boxing, I can play these games all day. By the way, I don’t know why the publish such high recommended system requirements, the game can run on infrior specs. I’m sure that we are going to see many games using these technologies.

If you look at the Steam page at the bottom, you can see that the game has three graphics settings: Low, Medium and High. I norder to use the high, its recommended using either the Geforce GTX 1080 or greater, or use two GeForce GTX 980Ti in SLI configuration (or greater).

Yep, that’s the future of high-end VR and that’s just the beginning. NVIDIA VRWorks technology will push VR game forward, allowing developers to create some amazing virtual reality experiences.