[noob question] How to play Fallout4 VR on quest 2 + PC?

How do you setup fallout 4 VR to play on quest?
There are a few incomplete guides, but they are missing critical info, e.g.

  1. Where do you get virtual desktop from?
  2. do you install virtual desktop on a PC, or on the quest?
  3. once you install virtual desktop, how do you access it and use it (I tried to install what I think is VD, but I cant get it to work).
  4. Where do you get sidequest from, how do you install it, and do you install it on PC or Quest?
  5. I installed stream and steam VR on my PC, how do I use or run SteamVR?

Are there any good step by step gudes? The nearest I can find is this one, but its missing major steps: https://www.reynoldtech.com/play-fallout-4-vr-on-oculus-quest-2/