No Man's Sky vs Dual Universe - which one is better?

Yesterday I watch the 10-minute gameplay video of Dual Universe on IGN and I have to see that I didn’t imprint on me at all. I don’t mind other games building on the same idea that No Man’s Sky is about, everybody is doing it in this industry. I am also aware of the this is an MMORPG sandbox game and it plays completely different than NMS.

No for what I wanted to share with you. What I liked about No Man’s Sky, is the art design. When I watched Dual Universe realistic visuals, it felt so dull. It reminded me the game PlanetSide 2. This generation games aren’t going to look realistic, at least not large scale games, procedurally generate or not procedurally generated. No Man’s Sky has beautiful graphics, I can’t remember any game that looked so vivid, inviting and genuine. It’s better looking than all of the games that try to look photorealistic but actually turned out to be somewhere in between.

Another thing that I didn’t like about Dual Universe is the tons of features that it’s going to have. Yes, it’s an MMO, and like many other MMO games, you are going to have tons of features. But I think it’s too much for the casual gamer. I mean, it’s like the brought Minecraft into the game. The game will appeal to a large audience for sure, but I feel that it’s just an overkill. That’s what makes No Man’s Sky such a well-designed game, you don’t need to be a hardcore gamer to play, every player who enjoy exploration and survival games can peek it up very quickly and not feel disturbed by a humongous range of features and chance his other plans for the upcoming year. Dual Universe is still in pre-alpha so it’s maybe too early to judge it in its current state.

Really, I can look at No Man’s Sky screenshots for hours and enjoy what I’m seeing. The Vividness is just out of this world. I know that I will enjoy playing this game also because it looks so good. I love the fact that it has very simplistic UI and it’s not an MMO. People who are into MMP spend months and sometimes here playing only a single game. No Man’s Sky isn’t that type of game that you feel a hurry progressing and investing 8 hours a day on it. I can play it on my free time and later enjoy sharing my discovering with friends.

I think that Dual Universe tries to be an All-in-one game, and I don’t really like these type of games. I leave the voxel art for Dual Universe players, while I will enjoy traveling and exploring the gorgeous vast universe of No Man’s Sky.

If you are interested in learning more about Dual Universe features, check out the press release here.

Send me that email in private Masterrogue OK,. I’ve just finished watching the video. It’s really comparing apples to oranges, these are two completely different games to different audiences. I was expecting many games to use the procedural generation technology in new titles. But as I said in several places, the technology itself can make a game look and play great and can do the exact opposite. Create a game on such a large scale doesn’t always work well. In fact, it can be intimidating for new players, especially if it’s also blown up with tons of features. Some games like Eve Online, for example, are very big and have a very high learning curve. I didn’t play the game because I didn’t want to invest some much time just learning it and then investing a big chunk of my day on this game.

The game is still very popular and there are many gamers who are waiting for the next big MMP game. Many of the recent MMP aren’t in space, so I think that Dual Universe has a great potential to be the next big space MMORPG game. It certainly has a huge potential, but as you said yourself, it’s still too early to judge it, especially compared to a game that plays differently and is already finished.

Regarding the graphics, I think that the game looks pretty nice. I agree with you that No Man’s Sky is a different beast. It’s more vivid and more cartoonish, which some player like others don’t. I think that due to the way the game engine renders the environment. it allowed the developer to create a richer world compared to what Dual Universe developers will be able to do with their own engine.

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Love no Man’s Sky, a great game, but it’s not for everyone.

The game is severely lacking content, and I think that most people will realize that in a few hours of gays of gameplay. I hope that Hello Games will add more content on the next update.