No Man's Sky should have been PSVR launch title

I think that No Man’s Sky could have been the perfect PlayStation VR launch title and help Sony sell even more of its PSVR headsets. I wonder why they have decided to release the game on August, so close to the PSVR release date and not make it a PSVR launch title?

I think that wasn’t their main focus in the first place, but rather a nice-to-have feature. Timing is also something very important when releasing games, and I’m sure that some marketers did their homework on that subject, it’s not just a random release date.

I also don’t see any problem with the game being released before PlayStation VR. Don’t forget that it’s not a PS4 exclusive, it will be released for PC as well. The main focus is to deliver this game to the largest possible audience and probably add support for it later on when the PSVR is out. They might announce VR support a week after the release, who knows.

I think that making this a PlayStation VR launch title might hurt the game sales, especially if it isn’t planned or developed to support Oculus Rift and HTC Vive as well.

Again, I son’t know the exact reasons, but from what I’ve heard in an interview with Sean Murray, there isn’t rush to make VR support, but most of the information about VR support is kept secret so it seems.