No Man's Sky gamepaly video leaked

I just cam back from reddit. People there posting some links to the leaked gameplay video that that guy posted. I feel bad for Hello Games that they need to deal with this crap. I personally didn’t watch it, don’t want to ruin things for myself.

I don’t like these type of acts, because Sean Murray is the last person that invites that kind of behavior. He was so welcoming, honest and thoughtful in all the game development phase. he has shown us a different face of the gaming industry and I really liked him for it. As a developer myself, I understand why developers don’t like these type of video leaks. If they wanted to share something before, they would have went on a closed or public beta. It can have a bad effect because many people get to see a limited gameplay of one single player, which obviously doesn’t represent the whole experience, but many people might judge it buy those videos.

Anyways, I’ve heard that the guy who leaked the gameplay videos stopped it. I recommend everyone planning to buy the game to just ignore those videos and don’t watch it. I don’t intend to watch it.

Have to admit, I couldn’t not watch it. After seeing it, I now have to buy the game!

LOL, you watched it, why… you shouldn’t have, but I read that it didn’t spoil anything for those who watched it, they guy didn’t even leave the planet.

You know what’s funny. Even with all the video leaks out there, many people still don’t understand what do you do in No Man’s Sky :slight_smile: