No Man's Sky Fight trailer released

No Man’s Sky Fight video number two released today, or actually wasn’t supposed to be released, but someone found it somewhere and download it before it was removed.

Here it is:


OMG, are you serious! LOL it says leaked at the title, so either it was leaked somehow or maybe it’s a fake, it’s hard to tell really. The trailer isn’t that great to be honest, maybe because it’s of low quality - but thanks for sharing my friend. Did you see what the guy wrote on the description and what is his username on YouTube, says it all.

Yeh, I now read in the comments that the guy got it from a webcache of Sony Australia YT channel and the link to the video doesn’t exist any more. Maybe they planned to release it tomorrow. Nevertheless, I want to see it in good quality.

I think it’s a legit trailer because of the music. An amateur wouldn’t have done such a wonderful job matching the visuals and the sound :slight_smile:

Take a look at this screenshot from the trailer posted on imgur.

Take a look at the bottom right corner, it says: "Attack Ships, Rescue Cargo Freighters; Attack Ships remaining. So there are indeed quests in No Man’s Sky.

source: reddit

I read the post. A guy on reddit sayed it’s not missions, but rather dynamic events that you can decide to join or not. Nothing of that is scripted. Now you’ll see the hype train passing in full speed, watch on reddit, you’ll people getting crazy over these findings. Wait. I am going back to watch the new trailer again, maybe I’ll fish something too :slight_smile:

The quality is really bad, but that mission info on the screenshot is really interesting. If the guy on Reddit is indeed right, this is like procedurally generated dynamic events and are not scripted. I don’t want to play scripted missions, I can do it in many other games and it will ruin the whole none linear experience that I expect to have in No Man’s Sky. I think that the pilot just got in the situation by actually being there at that particular point in time, and the game notifies him that he can participate in the battle. If he succeeds, he probably going to ladder up in that particular faction and gain a higher reputation, which means lower prices, new loot, etc. Super HYPED NOW!

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Now I understand what happened. somebody from Sony probably uploaded the video but didn’t mark it as private and Google showed it in the search result pages. So maybe one guy just searched for No Man’s Sky trailer and found that link and downloaded the video. Even after removing the video, the URL was there, and he problably knows how to access the video directly from the cache and he was able to download it, or ejust downloaded before it was removed using video downloading tools, there are plenty of them on the web, with one click you can download any video on any page.

People are seeding and reuploading the new traielr like crazy, making sure it stays up. I counted like more than 20 channels showing the new trailer. Waiting to see what Sean has to see about it, maybe nothing, because maybe he planned to released it today anyways.

You know, it’s not that it is such a huge important video or something, it feeds the hype, but nothing to be too excited about.